Do Radar Detectors really Worth to buy?

When you pass by a police officer with a speed detector and knowing that you are driving over your speed limit is a daunting feeling. Getting a speeding ticket is a nightmare on many levels. You end up paying a fine as well as facing some points on your license. Luckily these days we have a radar detector. Are Radar Detectors Worth It? Just read the complete article to know.

Are Radar Detectors Worth It?

You may think about whether to buy Radar Detectors or not. Many people have this question on mind that Are Radar Detectors Worth It. In this article, we are going to crack that question with a better solution.

Are Radar Detectors Worth It image
Are Radar Detectors Worth It image

What does a Radar Detector detect?

The concept of measuring speed with the help of radar is very simple. A police speed gun has a radio transmitter and receiver in a single unit. It sends out electromagnetic waves or radio waves at a certain frequency.

When the radar signals hit a car, it bounces back either at the same frequency or at a higher frequency.  If the car is idle the frequency remains the same. If it’s speeding the bouncing waves have a higher frequency and the police radar gun detects this frequency and interprets the frequency with which the car is traveling.

The air is full of radio signals – they are used for everything from television broadcast to garage door openers. Hence if the radar detector to be useful, it needs to pick up signals only at a certain range. To be precise the radar detector should detect signals at a frequency emitted by police radar guns.

Periodically, the frequency range used by the police speed guns is changed and you need to invest in upgraded equipment to accommodate it.

Why Radar Detectors matter more?

From the early ’90s, radar detectors have been helping drivers across the country. Modern detectors are pretty cheap and can help speedsters detect police radar guns. Radar detectors are much cheaper compared to the cost of speeding tickets, court fees and insurance premiums that would burden you for life. They are also cheaper than using a cab service during the period during which your license is suspended.

Rather than driving in fear, constantly looking at the speedometer, it would be easier to buy a radar detector. The only problem is that you need to upgrade your machine to keep up with the constant frequency changes.

How Effective are Radar Detectors?

Radar detectors like any machine are not 100% foolproof. That being said, they work pretty well most of the time.  A radar detector won’t do much good if a police officer drives behind you and turns on the radar gun.

However, in many cases detectors can pick up the signal well before the speeding car can be tracked. Radar guns have a cone or dish-shaped antenna that can concentrate the radar signal.

The radar gun is configured to monitor the speed of only a particular target, so there is a high chance that the radar detector will pick up the signal well ahead of the police radar gun.

Types of Radar Detectors

There are three major types of radar detectors which are produced by various manufacturers. Although the additional features might differ based on the model and make you choose, the basic features can be covered under three categories.

Corded radar detectors

As the name suggests, these detectors have cords and are mounted on your windshield using suction cups. Although they offer the best range of detection, over a period of time the suction cups might fail and the detectors can fall off the windshield.

The electric cords can also be a hindrance to the drivers. All these distractions can be quite frustrating for the driver and can cause accidents.

Cordless Radar detectors

The cordless detectors offer a similar range of detection as their corded cousins and can be easily moved from one car to another. They are also very easy to use.

Remote Mount Radar detectors

While there is a talk that remotely mounted detector does not offer the same range of detection as a corded or cordless detector, they are permanently attached to the vehicle. They do not get in the way of your vision and there are no chances of the detector falling off the windshield.

Final Words

If you have decided that you definitely need a radar detector for your vehicle, it is better to do diligent research to identify the best-suited model for your budget and lifestyle. That being said, it is always better to drive within speed limits, for it’s not only safer to you but also to fellow drivers on the road. To know more such useful info, keep visiting our Radar Detector Guide site regularly.

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