Comparing the Beltronics RX65 Vs PRO-200 Radar Detector

We are aware of the saying, “Speed thrills but kills”. It is debatable how true that is. But, there are reasons behind traffic speed limits incorporated on different highways and streets. We as responsible citizens should abide by these rules for the safety of others and ourselves. Apart from that, staying consistently within the speed limits can stop us from getting speeding tickets. However, there are times when we get distracted for numerous reasons, this could be our mental preoccupation due to problems back home or at work. Sometimes, we can simply be on a family road trip and get distracted talking with others or singing along. How do we make sure we are within our speed limits? Fortunately, we have speed detecting radars which ensure we do not end up speeding outside of the speed limit. Let’s explore Beltronic Pro 200 Vs RX65 comparison here.

Beltronics Pro 200 Vs RX65 Side by Side Comparison

Beltronics PRO200 Radar Detector imageBeltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Detector image
FeaturesBeltronics PRO200 Radar/Laser DetectorBeltronics RX65 Professional Series Radar Detector
Dimensions4.75 x 2.75 x 1.25 inches6.5 x 11 x 2 inches
Weight1 Pound4 Ounces
Detection Range10xLong Range
Display TypeRed Bar Graph DisplayRed Bar Graph Display
Built-In GPSYesYes
Power SourceDCDC
False Alert FilteringYesYes
Voice AlertsYesYes
Speed Based Auto-MuteYesYes
Gps LockoutNoNo
WarrantyOne-year limited warranty
Check PriceCheck Price

Beltronics Pro 200 Or RX65 Professional Series Radar Detector – Who Wins?

Detection Range

The detection range of both Beltronic Pro 200 and RX65 is brilliant. The radar detector starts giving sound alerts and alarms from quite a distance before reaching the radar. These Beltronics Pro 200 and RX 65 offer a detection range of around three thousand meters. With this distance range, you get enough time to slow down and decrease your speed smoothly before reaching the radar.


Both Beltronic radar detectors, Pro 200 and RX 65 have a similar display feature. A red bar graph display is very easy on the eyes while driving and having the road to concentrate on. An extremely cool feature included in the display settings is multiple display brightness functions. You can easily change your radar detector’s brightness levels. On bright sunny days stretch it to the maximum and late-night drag it to the minimum if you like.

Voice Alerts

Beltronics Pro 200 and RX 65 both have the functions of voice alerts. Super clear and short voice alerts grab the attention of users immediately and make them slow down before anything unwanted happens. Infact, both beltronic radar detectors have an auto mute function which makes them even more attractive and pleasant. These voice alerts help the radar detectors in serving their purpose and preventing any mishaps or speeding tickets.

False Alarm Filtering

Most beltronic radar detectors come with an exceptionally good feature of AutoScan technology. However, Beltronic Pro 200 has an additional TSR feature that is responsible for sensing traffic and rejecting it. On the contrary, Beltronics Pro RX65 radar detector has a Digital signaling Processing system that ensures false alarm filtering. So, both these radar detectors have a fairly high filtering process for any sort of false alarms.

Additonal Settings

Beltronic Pro 200 radar detector can easily be read from any angle due to its expertly designed structure. This has been a problem with most of the radar detect but with Pro 200 it’s not a problem. Also, settings can easily be customized by different users for the display and voice alerts, making it absolutely user friendly.

Beltronics professional series radar detector 200 takes less than 500 milliseconds to detect a radar, which is absolutely gorgeous. RX65 has some exceptionally cool features which make it a good buy. This includes the smart plug power cord which makes controlling the voice alerts a piece of cake and super convenient. RX65 also includes a quick release windshield and a safe case used for traveling.


Beltronic provides a warranty on the majority of its products and devices, including the radar detectors. Both Beltronic Pro 200 and RX 65 have a one year manufacturer warranty. Any disruption of the body or any specific parts of the radar detector will be replaced and exchanged by the manufacturer. We believe this is a fairly decent warranty and make the radar detectors even more irresistible.

Summing Up

We absolutely loved both of these portable radar detectors, both have their own pros and cons. But, for us the pros markedly overshadowed the least affecting cons which could possibly alter our experience. We have given you the differences and common benefits of Pro 200 and RX 65 radar detectors. We hope this Beltronic Pro 200 vs RX65 comparison helps and you are able to make your choice.

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