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Beltronics RX65 Review 2020

No matter how carefully you drive, most of us get into trouble for over speeding at least once or twice, isn’t it. Even when there was no intention, it can quickly happen to anyone when driving because we tend to lose ourselves sometimes. Rather than getting in trouble with the law, it is best to have a radar detector. With a radar detector nearby, to ensure you don’t get caught if you end up over speeding.

Beltronics Pro RX65 Radar Detector Details

This doesn’t give you the liberty to intentionally drive fast but only gives you a chance to brace yourself before the police get to you. The odds will slightly in your favor here, that’s all. Any radar detector will detect any nearby police radars to inform you of the matter so that you can come down to driving speed if you are going fast. This way, you can avoid many speeding tickets which you would have gotten otherwise for a minor slip up. There are so many types of these radar detectors available now for you to choose from, with long ranges and multiple band detection. They can do it all and save you many tickets. One such good radar detectors is the Beltronics Pro RX65 Radar Detector. Here in this article Beltronics RX65 Review, you can get complete Features, pros and cons.

Beltronics RX65-Red Professional Series Radar Detector Features

 Installing the Beltronics Rx65-Red Professional Series Radar Detector is not a time taking task. There will be a suction mount in the package which you can use to pin the radar detector to the windshield. Make sure it is installed low enough for you to be able to see it while its working and alter any settings later on.

The Bel RX65 Radar Detector gives you 360-degree protection from laser beams. It can detect multiple bands of radar, which very few radar detectors can do. The warning signals instantly go off when something is detected. The detection system, though, is unlike any other, which is because of the superior false alarm system. Its digital signal processing system can detect all the false alarms and avoid any confusion that might occur otherwise. This is one of the best features that the radar detector has.

The Beltronics RX65 Professional Series is overall very convenient to use by literally anyone. All the settings can easily be managed through the display it has, and there is a voice alarm system present too to go along with that. There are programming options as well, which allow you to customize the radar detector according to your driving style. All seven possibilities are embedded in its design for you to choose from.

The LED display, which is a part of the design of the Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Laser Detector comes in very handy whenever needed. You can see the text shown on it even from a distance because of the brightness it has. Along with that, it allows you to check signal strength and choose detection mode as well. For people who prefer a visual display like this, the Radar detector will be a very useful product. The light color can be changed from red to blue or vice versa, depending on what you like.

While being very useful to you and detecting lasers and radars, Beltronics RX65 Radar also has an app that lets you into this database with useful information about red lights and street cameras. This app is regularly updated by users to keep it very authentic. It is called the ESCORT app and lets you know about new threats regularly.

Beltronics RX65 Professional Series Specifications

Specification Name Value
Model no
1 year
6.5 x 11 x 2 inches
4 ounces





How to use Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Detector?

 To start using Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Detector-

  1. Press the button on the top.
  2. Slide the quick-mount bracket into the slot.
  3. Lock it into the position to fix the angle of your windshield best.


Where to buy Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Detector?

You can purchase Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Detector from Amazon electronics.

How to update Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Detector?

You can update Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Detector by connecting it to the computer through a cable. Now you need to check for the software update.

How do I reset my Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Detector?

 To reset Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Detector-

  1. Press and hold CITY and BRT buttons while turning on the power. 
  2. The RX65 display will provide a reset message that accompanies an audible alert acknowledging the reset.
How old is the current Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Detector series unit?

The current Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Detector was made in 2004 and had a firmware version 3.2.

Is the Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Detector cordless?

The unit has a spiralled cord. Hence it is not cordless. It will only turn on when it has been plugged into
the cigarette lighter slot.

Does Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Detector have laser detection features?

 Yes, it does detect lasers. Hence it is a LIDAR detector.

Will, another car’s radar detector, set off mine?

No, the frequency picked up by a radar detector is different and not the same as its own.

Bottom Line

As one of the Best Beltronics Radar Detector can detect threats at different bands to help you stay out of minor trouble. If you are starting to use a radar detector, it is one of the best options to consider. It gives you the flexibility to alter the sensitivity settings on different bands so that its functioning can be adapted well. Without additional features like GPS, etc., it still works fine in detection radars. The design is intended to detect laser as well, but it is always a lost cause because, by the time you know that a laser is coming onto you, it has already done its job. The user-friendly design makes up for everything else. Moreover, the three sensitivity settings come in very handy when you are on the highway. The alert system works for even two to four miles of the vicinity, informing you about any alerts that might be threatening.

It can be definitely said that the RX65 is one of the Best Beltronics radar detectors for sale, given all its features. From its digital processing to the seven customizable settings, everything about it is close to exceptional. Beginners can very quickly get the hang of it and use it to avoid any tickets. If you are a city dweller, this one is a great option because it has a city model that eliminates alerts from objects like a garage door opening, which otherwise can be a false alert. The RX65 does its job best in such a scenario, which is exactly what you need.

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