Most-Popular Beltronics Radar Detectors of 2020 – Gives you a worry-free drive!

Most-Popular Beltronics Radar Detectors of 2020 - Gives you a worry-free drive!

Best Beltronics Radar Detector

While driving on the roads, you have to be very peculiar and alert if sitting on the driver seat. You have to constantly watch for the warnings and road signs, speed limit boards and traffic signals. You have to pay attention without blinking your eye with comfort. And at last, you get exhausted with so much stress and constant mind concentration. Here, the safety rules and regulations become a headache instead of protecting ourselves from any accidents or hazards. But to this problem, there is a smart and intelligent solution that will save you from this headache and will also let you follow all the signals.

So, now no more worries of breaking road safety rules or crossing the speed limits while enjoying a comforting and tension free driving. Introducing the radar and laser detectors from the manufacturing leader company Beltronics. These electronic devices for your car will save you from the costly tickets of fines and penalties and will let you have a smooth ride, wherever you go. Be it crowded city area or the fast moving highways, the radar detectors will help you by alerting you for every important signal and ensures your safety too. 

Below, you will find the top 6 Beltronics radar and laser detectors with their advanced features and a supporting buying guide to take the best decision in this matter. So, start with these Beltronics Radar Detector Reviews to own the best detector.

Top 6 Beltronics Radar Detector Reviews 2020

Beltronics RX65 Professional Series Radar Detector

Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar Detector image

Beltronics PRO 300 Radar and Laser Detector

Beltronics PRO300 Radar   Laser Lidar Detector image

Beltronics V955 Radar Detector

Beltronics Vector V955 Radar Detector image

The silver bodied Beltronics RX – 65 Professional series car radar detector will help you while on the roads. Its capacity to detect a wide range of rays like the X, K and Ka will alert you of the rules and controls to be followed. It has a bright red or blue colored LED screen display of which you can choose your best color. It also has a voice command assistance for alert message notification for a concentrated driving. With simple to use push button, you can easily program the device and can also set up to 7 different customization options as per the driving individuals’ requirements.

  • Detects range of X, K and Ka rays

  • Safety warning system

  • Digital POP radar alert system

  • Warning message display screen

  • Auto - scan processing

  • Digital signal processing

It has a safety warning system that will save you from any emergencies and accidents. It has auto mute functionality which will turn off the voice alerts if that bothers you while driving. It also rejects the virtual and false signals with its VG – 2 radar detection immunity technology. Its hiding facility makes it non – detectable by the law enforcing authorities on the highway. It is supported by the 1 – year warranty from its manufacturer. This Best Beltronics Radar Detector has the digital signal processing which gives a easy to understand output visual of the message or alert at a glance while driving.





These black colored compact police radar detector by Beltronics has the highest sensitive receivers that detects radar and laser signals from over a good range and saves you from unnecessary cost of rules violation or falling into any accidents. It has 360 degrees wide sensing system to detect signals from all the sides. It has got the advanced feature that will show you the tracks of threats. It also has a capacity to reduce the false alarms and alerts ringing with the virtual signals. It is capable of digital signal processing as well.

  • 360 degrees wide laser detection

  • 10 times sensitive than other radar detectors

  • 280 LED digital display

  • Adjustable brightness levels

  • Multiple radar signal detection with strength

  • Threat display tracks

  • Reduced false alerts system

  • Digital signal processing

  • Auto scanning feature

  • Traffic signal detection and rejection

It has a 280 LED bright display to show the digital alerts and texts. It also reflects various laser signals and their strength in symbolic form for easy understanding. Also, one has the option of audio voice alerts to avoid looking at display in traffic areas. During night, you can lower the brightness of the display to avoid any distractions. It can auto scan the signals and differentiate between the traffic signals and rejects the unnecessary ones. This radar detector is designed in USA keeping in mind the roads and traffic rules and driver’s style.





The Beltronics V955 radar detector can detect aby type of radar or laser signals with wide range of capturing of 360 degrees. With its smart and easy programming, it captures multiple laser signals at once and displays it on the screen. It can detect signal sharply from a good distance. It has a safety warning system that throws alert messages through dual modes. This Beltronics Cordless Radar Detector displays alert messages on the digital screen as well as through a voice command. Total of 64 messages can be shown by the safety alert. It also has the advanced auto scan mode like other models of Beltronics.

  • Safety warning system

  • Multiple laser detection from far distance

  • Easy to use programming

  • Digital visual display

  • Auto scan mode

  • Reduced false alarms

  • Ultra – bright 280 LED display screen

  • Adjustable brightness setting

  • VG – 2 radar detector invisibility

  • 1 – year of limited warranty by manufacturer

  • Easy installation with complete installation kit

  • Patented mute and auto – mute function

  • K – band radar signal warns of hazards or construction area

Its ultra – bright 280 LED screen shows the signal and its strength to the driver. Also, the brightness level can be adjusted as per the drivers’ comfort. With filtering capacity of this Beltronics Car Radar Detector you will be now rid of the false alarms and unwanted traffic signal alerts. It is accompanied by an easy to install complete installation kit to mount your radar detector on the windshield. It is supported by a one year warranty form the manufacturer as well. The k – band radar signal will save you from any road accidents by warning about hazards on roads or the construction going on.





The newest Beltronics radar detector is capable of 6 times more sensitive signal detection than other radar detectors in the market. It is equipped with the latest POP mode of threat detection for accurate results. This Best Beltronics Radar Detector is designed as per the US radar and laser guns system for high suitability in US market. Beltronics PRO 100 has an advanced microprocessor that quickly throws the alert message after detecting the signal within 500 milliseconds of time. This Beltronics Cordless Radar Detector also has the option to customize the settings and save it for different drivers’ requirements.

  • Six times sensitive in radar signal detection

  • POP mode of threat detection

  • Customized as per US radar and laser guns detection

  • Lightning fast alert delivery in less than 500 ms

  • Customizable settings as per the driver’s requirement

  • Easy to install and use

  • Multiple sensitivity mode

  • TSR rejects traffic signals

  • Auto mute function

  • No false alarms and alerts

  • LED matrix display

  • Adjustable brightness of the display screen

  • Audio voice alerts

  • Signal strength display with easy understanding

It is highly easy to install and use with its simple push button programming. It has got multiple sensitivity mode that can multiple signals at once. During this its smart filter system rejects the unnecessary signals like the traffic signals and also stops the false alarming from virtual signals. Its auto mute function knows when to shut off the voice of the alerts. It has got a bright LED display screen with adjustable brightness up to 4 levels and dark mode for night time traveling. The smart display shows you the signal and its strength for better understanding. Or you can also switch to the audio voice controls and alert system.





This 2014 launched model of Beltronics Vector V940 radar detector has a wide range of laser detection with 360 degrees view and capacity to detect X, K and wide Ka and Ku signals on the road. With its smart VTO technology (Varactor Tuned) it can receive signals from a long distance. Also, it is equipped with multiple laser detection sensors to avoid any errors. It has a bright LED screen to display the text messages and safety alerts with adjustable levels of brightness up to 3 levels. You can also toggle for the voice alerts if you don’t find comfortable looking at the display while driving.

  • Multiple laser sensor for long range detection in advance

  • Safety warning technology for messages in advance

  • Audio and visual message notification

  • 360 degree coverage of laser light detection

  • Mute and Auto mute function

  • Digital signal processing

  • Long range signal detection

  • Invisible to VG – 2 radar detectors

  • Highway and city mode shuffling

  • Easy installation with a travel case to carry along

  • Bright LED light display

  • Reduced false alarms

With its invisible feature of its VG – 2 radar detectors it goes unnoticeable from the law enforcers. It has got a fantastic highway or city mode to shuffle between as per the road and traffic to give better alert messages. You can also find the patented automate and mute functionality to avoid any distraction of voices from the device. It however cannot completely avoid the false or virtual alarms and signals but a reduced rate is found. It comes with a complete installation kit for easy set up of the device on your windshield and you can even remove it quickly and carry it in a compact travel case provided with the kit.





The black colored compact GT – 7 Radar detector by Beltronics provide the 360 degrees wide signal detection. It comes with an option to select any 3 among the various radar bands to detect the signals. It has a sharp LED digital display screen that shows the correct signals, its strength and type. It is also assisted with a voice command that delivers audio alerts to the driver. It displays and tracks all the threats on the road. Its multiple radar signal detection ability captures various range of radar signals. It is supercharged with the powerful digital signal processing and advanced auto scanning feature.

  • 360 degrees wide signal detection

  • Detects 3 bands of signals which are selectable

  • Digital display on LED screen

  • Audio voice notification for radar, laser and pop alerts

  • Threat display tracks

  • Multiple radar signal detection and display with strength

  • Reduced false alarm alerts

  • Supercharged powerful digital signal processing technology

  • Auto scanning feature

  • Traffic signal rejection facility

  • Inbuilt GPS for route memory

  • Easy installation kit

Beltronics Gt-7 Radar Detector can filter the unwanted traffic signals and do not disturbs you with false alerts of virtual signals. This latest radar signal detector is also equipped with an inbuilt GPS system. It is accompanied with a proper and complete installation kit that is quite easy to set up. This radar detector is currently unavailable on the amazon sale you might have to wait for it.





The major reason considering which the crowd out there buys a radar detector like Beltronics is obviously to save oneself from incurring fine or penalty over the rules broken or signals missed or even speeding the vehicle on speed limit roads. 

However, there are various other reasons to buy a great radar detector which will prove beneficial to the user in more than one way. These advantages are:

  • It saves your wallet from incurring heavy costs on speeding tickets or other road safety rules penalties.
  • It saves you from the inconvenience and time wastage by preventing any court cases or accidents
  • It also protects your car or vehicle from getting damaged
  • To monitor your speed limit even when you miss the speed limit warning boards
  • Radar detector from Beltronics are capable of laser signal and laser gun detection as well along with the radar signals detection
  • The detector ensures your safety on roads by monitoring your speed and warning of hazards


Buying a useful accessory for your car is as important and difficult decision as purchasing your car itself. After spending lots of dollars on your car, you will obviously think of spending money on the best of the gadgets and accessories for your favorite vehicle. Among which spending for the best radar detector becomes a little complicated decision as it involves deciding upon the technical features more than just the looks or the aesthetics. 

But do not worry, we have made it simple for you by this following listicle on the must look after features in a best radar detector for your car.

  • Frequency range detection – considering the US roads and highways, most of which are supervising using the radar and laser signals with laser signals on increasing use. So, look out for a detector that can detect a wide frequency range of signals especially the radar and laser one.
  • 360 degrees capturing – a 360 degrees wide detection will alert you for signals from all sides. Thus, it will save you from any signal be it front or rear or even sideways. This feature though increases the overall cost of the detector device
  • Tinted glass- if your car has tinted glasses it will fluctuate the signals of the radar or the laser and will not trap your car. So if your car have tinted glasses (which is illegal though), you should not invest more money on advanced feature of the detector.
  • The mounting – Based on the location where you want to mount the detector, choose from the available options of the windscreen or dashboard mounting. According to your convenience to look at the detector, select the mounting area and the device.
  • Budget – Beltronics has a variety of radar detector with different budget range. Based on your requirement and the decided money to spend, choose the long term and efficient working radar detector from the product range.


What is the best Beltronics Radar Detector?

Beltronics RX65 Professional Series Radar Detector is the best Beltronics Radar Detector.

How to install a Beltronics Radar Detector?

Follow the steps below to install a Beltronics Radar Detector-

  1. Set the Radar Detector in its position.
  2. You can install it using the menu options.
  3. It's always better to install in a horizontal position.
How to reset the Beltronics Radar Detector?

To reset Beltronics Radar Detector, follow the steps below- 

  1. Long press and hold the BRT and SANS buttons on the device while turning on its power.
  2. A reset message will appear on the screen followed by a voice alert.
  3. This will acknowledge the reset.
Does Beltronics Radar Detector have a remote audio off button on the plugin?

Yes, the Beltronics Radar Detector has a remote audio off button on the plugin. You can use it to switch off the sound.

Does Beltronics Radar Detectors have earphone jack?

The Beltronics Radar Detector comes with an audio output jack. Here you can use earphones.

Hope the information provided regarding Beltronics Radar Detectors is useful for you to choose the best detector for your vehicle. Not only reviews, but the guide also helps you to know what are the important factors to consider while buying a radar detector. With a lot of research and testing, we listed these Top Beltronics Radar Detectors. So check each review along with guide and buy the best one.

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