Enjoy your drive safely with these best Police Radar Detectors – Alerts you for sure!

Enjoy your drive safely with these best Police Radar Detectors - Alerts you for sure!

Best Police Radar Detector

While driving on the roads, you have to be very peculiar and alert if sitting on the driver’s seat. You have to constantly watch for the warnings and road signs, speed limit boards and traffic signals. You have to pay attention without blinking your eye with comfort. And at last, you get exhausted with so much stress and constant mind concentration. Here, the safety rules and regulations become a headache instead of protecting ourselves from any accidents or hazards. But to this problem there is a smart and intelligent solution that will save you from this headache and will also let you follow all the signals.

So, now no more worries of breaking road safety rules or crossing the speed limits while enjoying a comforting and tension free driving. Introducing the police radar and laser detectors from the leading manufacturing companies of USA. These electronic device for your car will save you from the costly tickets for fines and penalties and will let you have a smooth ride, wherever you go. Be it crowded city area or the fast moving highways, radar detectors will help you by alerting you for every important signal and ensures your safety too. 

10 Top Police Radar Detector Reviews 2020

Police radar detectors are specially designed with advanced features to detect all the X, K, Ku and Ka band signals with a very good range detection capability. The radar detectors are used by the drivers to detect if their speed is being monitored by police. The equipment keeps the drivers alert of the speed traps and radar guns during their entire journey. Latest police radar detectors has advanced computing power with high precision. The superheterodyne detector detects electromagnetic emissions from radar guns and provides notification to the driver when a signal is detected.

Choosing the best police scanner and radar detector might be a cumbersome job for you considering its wide variety and the competing features incorporated. Here we have provided the top 10 police radar detector reviews to make the selection of best police radar detector easier for you.

Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector

Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector image

Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar with GPS

Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar Laser Detector image

Escort MAX 360C Laser Radar Detector

Escort MAX360C WiFi Enabled Laser Radar Detector image

The Escort passport radar detector can detect a wide range of police gun signals like X, K, Ka and Ku bands. It has 360 degrees wide sensing system to detect signals from all the sides. It has got the advanced feature that will show you the tracks of threats. It also has a capacity to reduce the false alarms and alerts ringing with the virtual signals. It is capable of digital signal processing as well. Its auto – sensitivity mode detects the real threats and reduces the virtual signal detection. So no false alarms bothers you while driving.   

  • Blistering all band detection such as X, K, Ka, Ku

  • 360 degrees wide radar and laser detection

  • Auto – sensitivity mode reduces false alarm and detects real threats

  • Customization of settings with EZ programming

  • Varactor tuned VCO radar receiver for long range capturing

  • Multiple laser sensor diodes

  • Traffic signal rejection software rejects interstate traffic sensor

  • 280 LED ultra – bright digital display

  • Adjustable brightness levels upto 3 levels

  • Patented mute and auto mute functionality

  • Reduced false alerts system

The multiple laser diodes help not to miss a single signal coming from all sides and warns you the necessary alerts. With its EZ advanced programming system you can customize the settings that will be saved for your every ride recalled at the push of a button. The V – tuned receiver makes it possible for capturing signals from a far distance. Escort police radar detector has a 280 LED bright display to show the digital alerts and texts. It also reflects various laser signals and their strength in symbolic form for easy understanding. During night, you can lower the brightness of the display to avoid any distractions with 3 different levels of adjustments. 





Uniden DFR7 super long range radar/laser detection with GPS features very good performance with super long range laser radar detection for Ka band and K band signals. It also includes GPS with police radar detector. With the built in GPS system you can mark the geographical locations where you encounter radar transmissions accurately so that when you approach them you will be warned “user mark ahead”. It also has red camera alert and speed camera alert with voice notifications.

  • MAX Speed Warning System

  • Radar Band Frequency Display

  • Easy to use

The ultra bright OLED displays the detected radar band frequency, current speed, battery voltage, altitude and clock. The MAX Speed warning system alerts you when you cross the speed limit and is the best police radar detector for car. It also has the capability to remember the last used settings with its memory feature when the unit is powered off. Uniden police radar detector for motorcycles or cars also incorporates false threat filtering with its traffic sensor filter, blind spot filter and Ka band filter.





The Escort MAX 360C Laser and Radar Detector has a powerful long range signal capturing and alerts you well in advance. It has a wide range of laser detection with 360 degrees coverage and capacity to detect the wide Ka signals on the road. This radar detector has a quick response time technology and give you warning in no time so that you can have time to act. its Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity let you connect with your smartphone and get all the records about your car onboard system. It also comes with auto software updating system for the latest features and facility. 

  • Fully detect the Ka band radar and laser rays used in police guns

  • 360 degrees coverage of laser light detection

  • OLED bright display screen

  • Reduced false alarms

  • Quick response time

  • Smart connectivity of the car systems via Bluetooth or WiFi to your smartphones

  • Inbuilt GPS system

  • Auto software updating feature

This Police Radar and Laser Detector is pre installed with 1000 of pre – loaded locations for escort live facility that will provide you the crowd sourced alerts. The inbuilt GPS system also helps to rejects the false signals and virtual alerts are reduced. Its bright OLED screen to display the text messages and safety alerts with adjustable levels of brightness gives a good glance at the visuals while driving. You can also switch for the voice alerts if you don’t find comfortable looking at the display while driving. This anti radar police detector comes with a complete installation kit for easy set up of the device on your windshield. 





The leading manufacturer Cobra offers the RAD 450 Laser and radar detector with long range signal detection. Its IVT filter system reduces the false alarm and do not detect the virtual signals. It is supported by 1 – year of manufacturing warranty. It is pre – programmed in English and Spanish language for voice alerts. Its digital OLED bright screen shows the signals and strength and text messages of warnings. This police laser radar detector has multiple radar sensors that can detect multiple signals at a time. It is featured with advanced threat display tracks. It has the facility to filter the interstate traffic signals.

  • Long range signal detection

  • IVT filter TM system reduces false alarm alerts

  • 1 – year of limited warranty

  • Pre – programmed in English and Spanish language

  • Voice and Text alerts

  • Digital display on OLED screen

  • Threat display tracks

  • Multiple radar signal detection and display with strength

  • Traffic signal rejection facility

  • Mute and Auto mute function

It has the latest mute and auto mute functioning for a smooth driving. It has the facility to monitor the traffic flow as well. It comes with an installation kit for mounting on the windshield. This radar detector police scanner is one of the radar detectors with great accuracy in the alerts.    





Cobra police radar detector is incorporated with ultrabright data display and can provide 360 degree detection of laser signals. The ultra-bright data display can provide easy recognition of the detected bands by means of band identification icons. The safety alarm system of cobra radar detector warns the presence of emergency vehicles, railroad crossing and other road hazards. It features Xtreme range superheterodyne technology ensuring total protection by detecting all radar or laser bands with proven good performance and is the best police radar detector.

  • UltraBright Data Display

  • Suction Power

  • Laser Eye

  • 360 degrees of detection

Cobra ESD-9257 wireless police radar detector alerts the user when they are under the surveillance of VG-2 radar detectors. It provides complete immunity to Spectre I radar detectors with its Spectre I undetectable VG-2 alert system. The cobra police radar detector consists of city mode and highway mode so that the users can reduce the frequency of falsing in densely populated urban areas by selecting the appropriate mode. The dim mode enhances night driving visibility by allowing the user to dim the radar detector. The auto mode can automatically mute the alert tone.





The extreme range sensitivity of Radenso detector protects the user from long distance threats due to its incredible sensitivity with a range of several miles. The radar cruise control, blind spot monitoring system and traffic speed sensor devices analyses the DNA of radar signatures and filters out the false alarms produced by the cars around you and ensures an excellent false alert filtering.

  • GPS Lockout Technology

  • Amber OLED Display

  • MultaRadar Detection

  • Less False Alerts

It consists GPS lockout technology which can remember the common false alert along your regular driving routes and is the top radar detector. You can add a GPS lockout by simply pressing and holding a button. The automatic muting allows the user to mute the detector below a user selectable speed and you can adjust the automatic sensitivity based on current speed. It consists of a preloaded database which has more than 6000 red light and speed camera locations. You can do free monthly updates at your home with the built in usb port.





The Radenso SP car radar detector will help you while on the roads from those costly tickets. Its capacity to detect wide range of rays like the K and Ka band radar signals that are mostly found by the police guns will alert you well in advance. It has a bright OLED screen display of which you can choose the brightness as per the day time and comfortability to your eyes. It also has a voice command assistance for alert message notification for a concentrated driving. With simple to use push button and the advanced factory programming makes it easy on installing and use. This police scanner radar detector also has multiple customization options as per the driving individuals’ requirements.   

  • False alert filtering

  • Detects range of K and Ka band radar signals

  • Traffic speed sensor technology

  • Good customer service through phone and email

  • Bright OLED display screen

  • Digital voice alert system

  • Easy installation

  • Low noise amplifier antennae

  • Multiple threat displays up to 3 bands

With its powerful VG2 technology it rejects the virtual and false signals and also monitors the blind spot. Its traffic speed sensor technology makes it an effective radar detector for over-speeding. It is supported by the 1 – year warranty from its manufacturer as well as pays off any road ticket for 1 year. The customer service and support by the company is also unbeatable. They serve you better through phone or emails. Its low noise amplifier antennae will not bother you from its irritating sounds.





The black and bright blue ToysUkids Radar detector can detect long range signals such as the wide Ku bands that are highly used on US roads. It is equipped with the latest POP mode of threat detection for accurate results which are common in police guns. This radar detector is designed as per the US radar and laser guns system for high suitability in US market. Its heterodyne technology makes it super fast delivery of the alert messages as soon as the threat is detected. It also has the advanced speed sensing technology and inbuilt GPS that will detect your car’s speed and the desired speed limit. This will warn you of the over speeding and saves from tickets. 

  • Heterodyne technology with super - fast sweep circuitry

  • Long range signal detection

  • Highly used Ku bands detection

  • Eliminates false alarms

  • Inbuilt GPS for over speed detection

  • Easy installation

  • 360 degrees wide signal detection

  • LED matrix display

It is highly easy to install and use with its simple push button programming. It has got 360 degrees wide signal capturing sensors that can detect multiple signals at once. It also rejects the unnecessary signals like the traffic signals and also stops the false alarming from virtual signals. Its auto mute function know when to shut off the voice of the alerts. It has got a bright LED display screen with adjustable brightness and dark mode for night time traveling. Or you can also switch to the audio voice controls and alert system. With tis VG 2 system now you can go unnoticed with your radar detector. 





Whistler laser radar detector consists of 360 degree Maxx coverage which ensures complete perimeter protection by detecting signals from all sides. It can detect all the radar guns used today with complete band protection including X-band, K-band, Superwide Ka-band, and laser. The pre-installed internal GPS database alerts you about the speed and red light traffic camera locations. It incorporates Radar signature ID (RSID) and Laser signature ID (LSID) which is Ka band radar identifier and pulse per second of the laser respectively.

  • Real Voice Alerts

  • Alert Priority

  • Digital Display

It has advanced speed detection capability with POP mode detection feature which can respond to short bursts of radar. False signal rejection is provided by the traffic signal rejection and 6 filter modes. Because of its low emission design, it is immune to VG-2 and other Radar detector detectors. Whistler police radar detector also features real voice alerts and OLED display which provides alerts and signal strength. Other features such as Stay Alert, vehicle battery saver, 3 city modes, highway mode, and alert priority makes it the best police speed radar detector.





The Whistler CR93 police radar detector features bilingual OLED text display which can offer bilingual English or Spanish text display. The traffic flow signal rejection TFSR eliminates alert from radar based traffic flow sensors and provides 360 degree coverage. It consists of an internal GPS that can provide alert to red light and speed camera.

  • OLED text display

  • Laser Atlanta Stealth mode

  • Easy to install

  • High Performance

The false alerts caused by lane departure are recognized by False Disturbance Sensor Rejection FDSR. It also provides bilingual vocal alerts in English or Spanish. Whistler CR93 features unique stay alert feature to keep you alert while on road. Whistler CR93 is affordable and best cheap police radar detector with good performance and is good for road trips and night driving as well.





One of the easy and non – technical reason is to make out from the face and behavior of our car or the driver itself. The sudden change in the speed of the car will make the police suspicious of you having a radar detector installed in your car. 

Also there are many radar detector detectors being used by the police which detects the radar detectors in the nearby surrounding. 

Use of radar detectors in USA is legal. There is no law that consider keeping a radar detector into your vehicle is a punishable offence. However, it is restricted to be used only in private vehicles. Commercial and military vehicles are barred to use the radar detectors. Also, the simple radar detectors are appreciated to use. But using the one which jams the police radar detector and radar guns are illegal and prohibited to use. 

Police radar detectors and radar guns are specific devices that uses radio waves to detect vehicles and their speed while moving on the road. The mechanism is very simple. A radar gun or a radar detector is a fusion of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter sends electric current into the surrounding which turns into electromagnetic waves of a specific wavelength. With the help of an amplifier these waves are amplified and sent in larger volume in to the air. These waves travel at a specific wavelength and speed. On colliding with any object, the electromagnetic waves changes in wavelength and speed and are reflected back in opposite direction. Now the receiver in the radar detector receives these waves and transforms into electrical signals to show the object and its distance and direction. 

These waves are also used to detect the speed of the vehicle. On colliding with a stationary object, the wavelength of the waves received by the receiver is same as the wavelength of the waves transmitted originally. But if the object is moving the reflected waves changes its wavelength. This is known as doppler shift. Based on this principle, the radar detector detects the speed of the vehicle. 

A speeding ticket generally costs from around $ 150 to $ 200. The simple way to fight a speeding ticket is to surrender and accept your mistake. It is better to pay the penalty which will teach us a good lesson to follow road safety rules. But if you want fight for the ticket, you can plead for it and fight against it the court of law. However, this should be done on the basis of strong and genuine grounds with solid reason to justify your over speeding such as emergency or car failure.  

Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector is the top rated and best selling police radar detector in Amazon. Escort police radar detector is energy efficient with its high efficient battery and requires less power of operation. Low battery warning system, programmable auto power feature, safety warning system, long range detection, high resolution OLED display, user programmable features etc makes it the best police radar detector. The patented digital signal processing provides the longest warning possible without false alarms.

While making your mind to buy the best police speed radar detector available in market you have to consider all its main features, cost effectiveness and how the police radar detector is going to benefit you. The main features to be considered while buying police radar detector are explained below.

There are different types of radar detectors such as cordless, corded and remote mounted. Cordless radar detectors are easy to install and operate and are portable. Corded detectors has to be kept over the wind shield together with the suction cups and the remote mounted police radar detectors are permanently mounted in the vehicle.

The longer the range it can detect better it is suited for you, so that you will be alerted even from the farthest point.

Police radar detector can be of single sensor or double sensor. The single sensor can detect only the laser signals in the front side of the vehicle. Double sensors can provide 360 degree of laser detection and are much better.

GPS with pre loaded database can warn you of the location of the laser. Also you can update the database with the common laser locations you encounter to provide warnings.

With this feature your detector will immune from the other police radar detector-detectors. Some detectors have auto shut off feature when it comes in the area of radar detector-detectors.

Choose the best police radar detector with all the necessary features. Don’t make a wrong decision by choosing the cheapest one without hardly good features. 


What is the best Police Radar Detector?

Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector is the best police Radar Detector available on the market.

Where to buy a police Radar Detector?

You can buy a Police Radar Detector on Amazon.

Can police detect a Radar Detector?

Radar Detectors emit signals which can not be detected by police. Motorcyclists use a detector to detect if the speed is being monitored by police or law. Most of the detectors used can reduce the rate.

How does a police Radar Detector work?

Police Radar Detector uses distance and speed. Here it determines how far an objective goes and how fast it is moving. A Radar is a device which emits radio waves, and it runs at lightning speed. It bounces back to the radar device when an object is in its path.

What band do police radars use?

K band and X bands are the bands used by Police Radar Detectors.

Does Police Radar Detector detect Red Light Cameras?

Most of the police Radar Detectors are specialized in notifying about the possible red light camera threats. The Radar Detector will tell you about the detected signal, which can be a potential threat such as a police car, speed camera and red light camera.

Does Police Radar Detector have voice alerts or just tones?

The Police Radar Detectors have voice alerts and tones.

A police radar detector is good choice to buy so that you can drive freely without worrying about the tickets. These radar detectors incorporates various enhanced features to keep the driver alert during their entire journey and the safety alert system is an added feature for a comfortable and smooth driving experience. This article provides you the required information to select the best and cheap police radar detector for your vehicle.

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