Difference b/w Cobra RAD 250 and Cobra RAD 350 Long Range Radars

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A portable radar detector is to check your speed and alert you when your speed might be monitored by police. These gadgets can be custom-installed or mounted on the windshield, turned to look for, and alert you to any radio frequencies from the radar gun used by law enforcement. Today, we are going to review two radar detectors from the same manufacturer that are Cobra RAD 250 and 350. While both of them are easy to install and use, there are some dissimilarities as well that you should consider before choosing any of them. Let’s get into the Cobra RAD 250 VS 350 side by side comparison to choose the best radar detector for your car.

Cobra RAD 250 VS 350 Comparison Table

Cobra RAD 250 Laser Radar Detector imageCobra RAD 350 Laser Radar Detector image
FeaturesCobra RAD 250 Radar detectorCobra RAD 350 Laser Radar Detector
Dimensions4.12 x 1.35 x 2.64 inches4.12 x 2.64 x 1.35 inches
Weight10.1 ounces11.2 ounces
Detection RangeX, K, Ka radar, Laser, and VG-2X, K, Ka radar, Laser, and VG-2
Display TypeLCDLED
Built-In GPSYesYes
Power SourceDCDC
Automatic Shut DownYesYes
False Alert Filtering IVT Filter IVT Filter
Voice AlertsYesYes
Speed Based Auto-MuteNoNo
Gps LockoutNoNo
VG-2 AlertYesYes
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsNo No
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Check PriceCheck Price

What is Best Cobra Rad 350 Or Cobra Rad 250?

Detection Range

The purpose of a radar detector is to detect the radar gun’s signal long before it has your vehicle in its sight. However, ranges are always influenced by the terrain conditions which means, the more twists and turns and hills there are, the more it will affect the detection of any radar detector.

These two cobra radar detectors listen for X, K, Ka, or laser bands. While Cobra RAD 250 detects at 1.5 miles, the RAD 350 at 2 miles, a bit more than the former. Few additional detection capacities include VG-2 alerts, usually designed for places where radar detectors are illegal


While both of these radar detectors come with a nice outer casing and well-put-together design, the display of Cobra RAD 250 is not that impressive compared to the 350model. As more and more firms are now providing high-quality HD displays, seeing the older dot LED display in the Cobra RAD 250 is a bit disappointing.

Compared to Cobra RAD 250 and 350 features a 7-segment color display with intuitive band identification and a bright display for easy viewing. Apart from that, there is also a numeric signal strength meter for an informed and accurate drive.

Voice Alerts

A good radar detector is something that communicates vital information to you while driving without any distraction. Therefore, the voice alert in your detector communicates important information to you without forcing you to look at the detector. The built-in sound or speaker is necessary to read out the information.

Due to the advancement in making the radar detector more and more sophisticated with great detection capability. The Cobra RAD 350 and RAD 250 also come with audible signal strength and offer unique tones for different radar bands. These tones provide band identification and signal strength that helps in identifying the type of alert.

False Alarm Filtering

As there are two types of false alerts one is moving false alerts and the other is stationary false alerts. While the moving false alert is the one that comes from moving vehicles, the stationery alerts are emitted from non-moving vehicles such as automatic door openers of stores, and traffic speed sensor systems, etc.

Without getting frustrated with your radar detector, these two devices are equipped with IVT filtering technology. This technology reduces false alerts and detects the signals from both in front and behind you. However, in this part, neither one is superior to the other.

Additonal Features

As radar detectors are becoming more and more advanced many new guns for instance include new POP instant-on technology that is harder to detect due to their low-frequency signal. Some of the common features and detection capabilities of a good radar detector include more laser bands and radio, higher sensitivity levels, voice alerts, etc.

The Cobra RAD 250 and Cobra 350 have an app with advanced features and comes with instant-on very fast speed monitoring capabilities. Moreover, the 350 model has laser eye technology that detects laser signals from both the rear and front.


Both Cobra RAD 350 and 250 are identical in terms of design, usage, and operations. At such an affordable price they are delivering great performance. However, before choosing any one of them you should remember that radar detectors detect radar and not the police cars or police that don’t have their radar guns on. Cobra RAD 350 radar detector is a great choice in terms of performance and price due to its slightly greater distance range to cover. The only way to avoid speeding tickets is to not drive faster and crossing the legal speed limit. Therefore, installing a radar detector to control your vehicle in dangerous situations is a must. Hope you find this Cobra RAD 250 vs 350 guide is helpful to choose the best selling laser detector which meets your requirements.

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