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Cobra Rad 350 Review 2020

Radar detectors have become popular these days because no one wants a speeding ticket on top of their other expenses. They come very handily when you wish to drive without having to worry about a cop on your tail every time. Along with this, it becomes easy to keep a check on your speed and that you are driving safely. So many times, we go above the driving limit unknowingly and end up being in trouble with the law. If you are unaware of this Best Cop Radar, then you must refer this Best Cobra Rad 350 Review, for sure.

Cobra Electronics Rad 350 Overview

A lot of car drivers and motorbike riders now use them to avoid such situations, and they have changed a lot since they were launched long back. Buying a good laser and radar detector will not be a tough task if you know what exactly you are looking for. For this, you would also need to understand a bit about how they function, which is that they pick up electromagnetic waves while interpreting the transmission to let you know of any alerts. There are tons of features that today’s radar detectors come with, like laser detection, multi-bandwidth detection, false alarm reduction, etc. All these are the bare minimum of what you need, which can be easily found in one of the Most popular radar detectors, i.e., the Cobra 350 Laser Detector. Now you can get to know all its features, advantages and disadvantages along with this detailed Cobra Rad 350 Review in later sections.

Cobra RAD 350 Laser Radar Detector Features

False alerts are a common occurrence when you are using a radar detector, but they can be annoying. Still, with Cobra Rad 350 Radar patented technology, it is quite easy to avoid them altogether. The IVT filter system of Cobra Rad 350 Radar And Laser Detector is responsible here for reducing false alerts that might come in from anywhere else. The signal will go off only when there is an actual alert, not on false alerts, unlike many other radar detectors.

Most radar or laser detectors detect signals coming from the front or the rear side of the vehicle. It is never both, but the Cobra Electronics Rad 350 Radar has a dual detection system that takes care of alerts from both ends of your vehicle. Apart from this, it pretty much covers all bands, so you have 360-degree protection from all police signals. Moreover, the detection is very instant, unlike many, which detect only when the laser is pointed at the vehicle. This is why you get plenty of time to adjust your speed before you are actually caught.

In most radar detectors, you will find just one type of alert coming on, no matter which brand it is from. There is a problem that has been solved by the Cobra Rad 350 Radar and Laser Detector as it sends out different audible signals when different alerts are there from different bands. This feature helps you identify the type of alert without having to move your eyes off the road for even a second.

The display quality of the Cobra Police Radar Detector is one of its best features. The seven-segment display has display options for different bands and separate icons for each of them. The readability factor is highly increased because of the very interactive display. With the help of these, you have an informed drive session, and without any learning curve, all the icons on display are really easy to identify.

Cobra 350 Laser Detector Specifications

Specification Name Value
4.1 x 2.6 x 1.4 inches
11.2 ounces
Model no
RAD 350
1 year
Laser Detection
Instant-On Ready
Voice Alert
IVT Filter
7 segment





Which Cobra is better: Rad 250/350/450?

Cobra Radar 450 is a better version as it has more features compared to 250 and 350.

Is there a USB adapter for Cobra Rad 350 device?

 Yes, you get a USB adaptor for Cobra Rad 350. This is used to connect to the system for updates, and you can also be connected to your other devices.

Does Cobra Rad 350 unit have Auto-off / after the vehicle is parked?

No, there is no automatic turn off for Cobra Rad 350. You need to turn it off manually after you have parked your vehicle.

The voice on the Cobra Rad 350 is not working, what should be done?

The voice feature has to be turned on from the settings, it is not a default feature.

Will the Cobra Rad 350 unit detect photo radar?

Yes, the RAD 350 will detect photo radar along with any other types.

What is the range of the Cobra Rad 350 detector?

In an open area, the range will be around two miles.

Bottom Line

The Cobra Radar Laser Detector is designed to keep the drivers informed about what might come up on their way to the destination.This Best Cobra Radar Detector also reduces all sorts of false alerts from any of the external systems, which would not be termed as genuine threats. Many radar and laser detectors fail to do so, but the RAD 350 does its job very well. Identification and readability are one of its best features because of its display that it has. You will be notified of different types of alerts differently, unlike other detectors that have a single type of notification system. This is where Best Cobra Radar Detector becomes different and better than many others. It has been termed as one of the best by most Cobra Electronics Rad 350 Review because it gives you that extra security you always wish for while driving on the highway or even on a normal road. There are some modes also present which are designed for a highway and city area differently. So that its detection system becomes customized according to the surroundings on its own. Your intervention will only be needed when there is a genuine alert.

Being one of the Best Budget Radar Detector, RAD 350 is very popular with most city dwellers who like using a radar detector. The simple reason for this is that it detects well with Cobra 350 Laser Detector dual detection system and projects well through the different notifications it gives you. Any radar detector with those two features in place can sail through any environment. The different modes are also quite useful when you are in a crowded area, but for most types, the RAD 350 has proven to be very successful.

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