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Cobra Rad 450 Review 2020

Radar detector is essential for each motorist, those who want to avoid the Speed Ticketing. There are so many radar detector models available in the market, but only a few are selected for its quality and brand. If you want to purchase from a top branded high-quality radar detector, then you can go for Cobra RAD 450 laser radar detector. Yes, Cobra Radar Detector is one of the Best Selling Radar Detector available at affordable prices. If you are looking for a Radar Detector under 150 dollars, without a doubt, you can choose this Cobra Police Radar Detector. Want to know more about it then read out this complete Cobra Rad 450 Review.

Cobra Radar Detector Mount RAD 450 Details

The Cobra radar detector Rad 450 detects and helps you to be alert of incoming laser and radar threats. This Cobra Police Radar Detector makes drivers conscious of their nearby areas and keeping them protected from all laser and radar guns. As it comes with revised In-vehicle technology (IVT), and Anti-Falsing Circuitry you will get voice alerts. There is a provision to decrease the false alerts from traffic monitoring devices and blind-spot systems. However, it helps you to stop false alerts from systems like collision avoidance, so users can hear just what they are willing to hear. Here you can check some important features which makes it as the best cobra radar detector in Today’s market.

Features of Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar Detector

  • Voice and Visual Alerts
  • Response
  • Display
  • Comfort
  • Long-Range Detection and VG2 technology

This Cobra police radar detector is known to give voice alerts, so you don’t have to look over the display every time. So it will not distract from the road. Now you can get both English and Spanish voice alerts which help you to keep your eyes on the road. There is a control scroll to set the volume for voice alert for ultra-comfort. This unit also has an auto-mute feature that instantly open-up to make the Cobra Radar Detector noiseless when required.

Though this radar detector machine does not have much range to praise, it repays with its fast responses. When this Cobra Radar Detector Rad 450is placed on the most perfect spot, it will notify the detected signal quickly from a few distances away. Though this Cobra 450 might not find warnings for far away signals, still you will have to time to alter as this unit gives alerts in a very speedy manner. The four control buttons on the Best Cobra Radar Detector are also easy to operate and they respond quickly and easily with just a single press and instantly perform the required action you demand for.

Most of the Radar detector comes with a big display screen with red-backlit, which is difficult to view. But, this newest cobra radar detector has an OLED display screen that displays notifications and details in a superior-quality. Apart from the quality and brightness, it shows complete details.

The cobra Rad450 laser radar detector gives optimum flexibility, convenience, and support. You can also fix this detector easily wherever you believe it the best placed within the car, as this unit can be set easily with the perfect mounting gear. You even have comfort in adjusting the volume, notifications, and display brightness with the simple buttons.

In flat and open areas, the detection range is a minimum of 2 miles. Still, less range will be detected, if some officer is hiding at the back of the hill, around the curve, or if an officer is using some instant radar gun. The In-Vehicle technology filter system decreases the false signal detection from resources like collision avoidance. This radar detector detects all the laser, radar signals, and VG2 signals also.

Specifications of Cobra Radar Detector Rad 450

Specification Name Value
Manufacturer name
Cobra detector
Product name
Radar detector
Item weight
10.1 ounces
Product dimensions
4.1 * 2.6 * 1.4 inches
Model number
Special features
Laser/radar protection, voice alerts
Included accessories
Power cord, mount, radar, manual
Pulse warning
Straight cord
Shipping weight
10.4 ounces
Release date
August 26, 2016


  • OLED Display
  • Voice Alert
  • Easy to install
  • IVT Filter


  • User-friendly device
  • Affordable price
  • Voice alerts system
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Long-range detection
  • Pre-programmed in Spanish and English
  • Included with the IVT filter system
  • Instant-on ready
  • OLED display for visual notification with superior quality display


  • No GPS service
  • Does not have Bluetooth connectivity

Bottom Line

This machine stands out to be one of the high rated and best radar detectors units from the cobra. Its voice band detection system means all you require is to drive and stay for the device’s automated voice note to pick up if any signal is detected and warn you. It is the best cobra laser radar detector with many special features like an easy and simple way to understand alerts, voice alert technology, quite impressive and superior quality OLED display, given with a windshield mount easily to place it wherever you wish that is best placed within the car. It is programmed in Spanish and English which is another benefit that makes this unit outstanding. Overall, radar detector RAD 450 in no way failed to impress and guarantee worth for money.


There is a button “SEN” present on the right top, press it, the devices switch from city to high.

Yes, it is included with a power cord with a cigarette lighter adapter.

Cobra Radar/ Laser detector RAD 450 comes with Instant On-ready notifications along with voice alerts. The Long-range protection is available with IVT filtering to decrease false alerts. Its OLED display offers superior quality images. You will get easy to understand notifications in both Spanish and English.

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