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Escort IX Laser Radar Detector with Escort Live – Ensures Long-Range Protection!



ESCORT IX Laser Radar Detector Review 2020

Speeding tickets became the biggest problem in daily life. If you travel a lot in the car, try to avoid over-speed as it may bring red and blue lights behind you. Also, these speeding tickets are the worst feeling you ever have. To avoid this, use a Radar Detector which alerts you to police radars and speed cameras. With this in mind, Escort introduced a brand new Escort IX Radar Detector. Using this Radar Detector, you can easily avoid all police radars as well as speed cameras.

These Radar Detectors also have a good impact on drivers. As the radar may detect signals at some point, the driver should be alert for that signals by decreasing the speed. Also, this Escort IX Radar Detector has high performing long-range radar/laser detection that gives early warning to you. Superior Sensitivity is the Best feature in this Radar Detector. Also, I have provided you the features and specifications to let you know about the radar. Besides this, Escort IX Reviews by customers are good.

Escort IX Radar Detector

Escort IX Long Range Radar Laser Detector is an intelligent and high performing long-range radar detector which easily gives an early warning with a fast response on all radar bands. It also includes instant-on X-band, K-band, POP mode and Superwide Ka-band. Escort Radar Detector uses Superior Sensitivity on all types of bands and off-axis coverage. DSP technology of the detector and multiple laser sensors provide early warning to speed-monitoring threats. GPS Technology used to avoid false threats from nearby grocery stores which use automatic door openers.

Besides this features, Escort IX Long Range Radar Laser Detector reduces alerts from moving-in vehicle technology source like collision avoidance systems. In addition to this, Escort Detector comes with a Built-in Defender Database and is App Compatible. Multi-Color OLED display makes easy to read and also has crystal clear voice alerts. New Ez Mag Mount makes you easy to attach the Radar Detector to the windshield. This Escort Radar Detector makes easy to install and maintain, using the Escort IX manual. Also, Escort IX Radar Detector best price available at Amazon, so you can order it online.


  • Long Range Detection
  • GPS Technology & Windshield Mount
  • Bluetooth Option to link with Escort Live App
  • Selectable Sensitivity
  • Defender Database & IVT Filter
  • Selectable Mute Modes
  • Crystal Clear Voice Alerts & Multi-Color OLED Display
  • Database Update
  • Database Clearing, SmartCord USB & Marking Location

Radar Detector Escort responses on all radar bands and instant-on K-band, X-band, Superwide Ka-band, and POP mode quickly. Also, this Radar Detector provides early warnings on all these radars. Through this alerts, you can quickly alert yourself to avoid these police radars. Multiple High-Performance laser sensors are provided in this detector which gives maximum laser warning and off-axis protection.

GPS technology provided in the Escort Radar avoids false alerts. These false alerts are provided from nearby grocery stores on your way. So, GPS marks these false alerts and avoids them whenever you travel in that location. This is the Best feature of the Radar Detector which helps you travel without any disturbances.

This Escort Detector uses Ez Magnetic Mount which easily attaches to your windshield. Sometimes this Sticky cup accumulates debris which may slip the mag mount. So, simply wash the sticky cup and allow it to dry.

Escort Radar detector comes with a Bluetooth option which easily links with Escort App. With this Bluetooth Technology, you can easily connect to your mobiles Escort Live App. This App makes easy to detect the police radar bands and alerts you from the bands. Also, it provides you the band signals detected by other car radar users through the App. So, with this technology, you can simply avoid all the radar signals in your driving location.

You can simply download this App from Google Play Store. With this Mobile App, you can change the settings easily. Also, you can change the Band detection settings as per your requirement.

Escort Radar Detector comes with four different sensitive modes to select. They are Highway mode, Auto mode, Auto No X mode, and Auto Lo Ka mode. In Highway setting, Escort Radar Detector detects all radar signals at maximum range. In Auto mode setting, it will automatically adjust the sensitivity of the circuits, providing minimal false alarms for a long-range warning. So, in Auto No X setting, Radar Detector will completely turn off the x-band detection. At last in Auto Lo Ka mode setting, the detector works equal to Auto mode but, Ka-band reduced to low.

Escort Radar Detector gives information on speed cameras and red lights. Also, it comes with updates through which you can get the latest installed speed camera and red light alerts.

In-Vehicle Technology avoids false alerts from moving IVT sources. Besides this, it is a needed feature which avoids the collision, adaptive cruise control and self-driving capabilities on the road.

Coming to the Radar Detector Mute Modes, you can change the setting as per your requirement. You can set it to Automute or Smartmute mode. In AutoMute Mode, it will reduce the volume after the alert to make it convenient for you. If you select SmartMute Mode, if a high-priority band is detected, the radar will alert at your set volume. It will make these adjustments before you reduce the volume back to the AutoMute level.

Escort IX Detector provides crystal clear voice alerts which are easily understandable. Also, with this voice alert, you can drive safely without removing your head from the road. Besides this, Radar Detector Escort provides you two languages to select. You can choose English or Spanish text and voice alert.

Escort Radar IX uses Multi-color OLED display which makes easy to read. You can also change the brightness modes of the detector regarding your use. Sometimes, this display makes a bit hard to read the display in heavy sunlight.

With the update, Radar Detector makes easy to detect newly installed speed cameras. You can easily update the detector through exclusive detector tools found at Escort website. Also, you can update the firmware using this tools. To update your detector, you have to register on the Escort website. Once, you are registered to this website, you will get a mail notification for updates. To update, you have to connect your radar to PC through Mini-USB cable.

Sometimes you want to clear the data from the database of the detector. Like Defender database data, locked-out location or marked location from the Radar Detector. You can go through the manual and see the settings and preferences section.

Escort Radar smart cord comes with Mute button, alert light, power light, and a USB charging port. So, you can change the settings of the detector easily using the cord. Also, you can charge your smartphones, tablets, and other USB-charged devices.

Using this feature, you can mark the locations for future alerts. So, the Escort IX Detector will provide you the alert whenever you reach that area. These marking locations are speed cameras as well as red lights.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Name
Escort IX Radar Detector
Product Dimensions
5.1 x 2.9 x 1.2 inches
Item Weight
1 pounds
One-Year Limited Warranty

More Info on Escort IX Car Radar Detector

Before Buying a Radar detector, try to get the knowledge on that product. Through the information about the product, you can easily choose the suitable radar among other radars. Also, the main key to choose the Radar Detector is to know how the detector works and what the options do. With this in mind, I have provided the Best Escort Radar Detector features and specifications for your easy understanding. Here, through this features of the detector, you can easily choose this Radar Detector among other detectors. Incomparable Escort IX Reviews given by customers who bought this corded Radar Detector. So, if you are going to buy a detector, Escort IX Radar Detector is the perfect option to choose.

Included Accessories:

Coming to the Escort Radar Accessories, it comes with the following accessories:

  • Quick attach/detach mount
  • 12 volt USB smartcord
  • Travel Case
  • Getting Started Guide instruction booklet
  • Basic Direct Wire
  • Smartcord Direct Wire
  • Blendmount Mirror Mount
  • Dash Mount


Escort IX Detector comes with a One-Year Limited warranty. So, if you have any complaint regarding the product return it to the company. Escort company will provide you the required replacement free of charge. To clear your doubts, you can contact the customer service of the company.


  • Long Range Detection
  • Fastest Response
  • Intelligent AutoLearn Technology
  • Compatible Escort Live App
  • IVT Filter updatable
  • Variable Speed Sensitivity
  • Crystal Clear Audible Alerts
  • Multi-Color OLED Display
  • Selectable Dual-Language setting
  • New Ez Magnetic Mount
  • Smartcord USB
  • Built-in Defender Database
  • Updatable GPS Technology
  • Available Bluetooth option
  • Automatically reduces false alerts
  • Selectable Sensitivity Modes
  • Selectable Radar bands
  • Marking Location option
  • One-Year Limited Warranty


  • Escort Radar IX comes with GPS technology to avoid false alerts
  • Also, it has long-range detection to cover a large area
  • Bluetooth Technology used to connect to Escort Live App
  • Selectable Sensitivity to choose as per your requirement
  • SmartCord USB with multiple features to select
  • Great windshield mount
  • Crystal Clear Voice Alerts
  • Extraordinary Escort Radar Detector Reviews by customers
  • Escort Radar Updates are easy through Escort website


  • Escort Radar Detector has no directional arrows
  • Also, it has no immune system provided in it


How to update Escort IX Radar Detector?

 In order to update an Escort IX Radar Detector, follow the steps below-

  1. Get the device connected to your personal computer.
  2. Visit the official website of Escort and find an update for Escort IX Radar Detector in particular.
  3. An update dialogue box will be displayed on the product page, clicking which you can update it.
How does an Escort IX Long-Range Radar Detector work?

 Escort IX Long-Range Radar Detector works through its sophisticated systems that spontaneously decrease the false alerts with the help of sources like collision avoiding systems.

What is the audio alarm decibels and frequency of Escort IX Radar Detector?

The speaker's sensitivity of Escort IX Radar Detector is 112 + or – 3 decibels, and frequency is 20-160mph


This Escort IX Radar has everything, that you need for a Radar Detector. So, for people who mostly travel by car should buy this Detector. Escort Radar Detector has GPS, Bluetooth, Clear voice alerts, smart cord USB, and an updatable Database. Also, Escort Detector uses IVT Filter to avoid false alerts from other IVT sources. You can also mark the specific locations for future alerts using this detector. This Best Radar Detector provides you all the things that you need to avoid speeding tickets.

Escort IX Radar Detector makes it simple to install and maintain, using the Escort Manual. In addition to all this, Best Escort IX Radar Review given by customers. Also, Escort IX for sale at Amazon, so you can easily buy it online. If you are going to buy a Radar detector, choosing the Escort IX Detector is the perfect option. Also, you can tune up on our site for other Radar Detectors Information just by clicking here

Escort Radar Detector has long-range detection. GPS Technology avoids false alerts. Also, Bluetooth provided helps to link with mobile Escort Live App. SmartCord USB to charge the detector. Available Database Updates.

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