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Escort Max 360 Review 2020

Don’t you hate it, when you get a speeding ticket for over-speeding? You’ll definitely hate it right. While you were enjoying your trip and by mistake, you break the law for which you were followed by red and blue lights. Also, these speeding tickets are the worst feelings you ever have. To enjoy your trip and avoid these speeding tickets, use a Radar Detector. Besides this, Radar Detector also detects all police radars, speed cameras, and red lights. Escort manufactured an updated Radar Detector which makes you easy to use it. To make your search easy, I have provided you the Escort Max 360 Radar Detector features and specifications.

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector

Escort always comes with new updates to provide you the Best Radar Detector for the Money. In this, Escort Max 360 Radar directional arrows provided which makes easy to know where the signals were coming. Also, this all-new Escort Max 360 provides you the long-range detection. Escort Radar 360-degree front and rear laser protect you from police lasers easily. And, the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) provided to detect all threats more rapidly than other radars. In addition to this, Escort Radar Bluetooth connects to Escort Live App. This feature provides you the five levels of filtering that ensure the quietest radar. Updatable Defender Database simply detects thousands of red lights and speed cameras.

This Best Radar Detector Max 360 comes with GPS and Built-In Bluetooth Technology to alert you to various radar signals. Also, Escort Max 360 Radar Detector Bluetooth easily access with Escort Live App. This App is the award-winning real-time ticket protection app. So, you can choose the Escort Radar Detector without any further doubts. Escort Max 360 Radar Detector for sale at Amazon, so you can simply order it online.


  • Selectable Sensitivity Modes
  • Adjustable Volumes & Built In Radar Detector Bluetooth
  • GPS Technology
  • Threat Direction Arrows
  • Locking Out False Alerts & Multiple Mute Modes
  • Marking Location & Signal Strength Meter
  • Display Color and Brightness
  • Using Smartcord
  • Updatable Firmware and Database
  • Warranty

Three different modes provided for you to select according to your driving location. Highway Mode, Auto Mode, and Auto No X Mode detect multiple radar signals to alert you. Highway mode of Escort 360 Radar Detector detects all radar signals at maximum range.

In Auto Mode, the Escort Radar Detector continuously detects all radar signals and avoids minimal false alerts intelligently. This Radar Detector mode simply provides the long-range detection.

Lastly, Auto No X Mode, the X-band is completely avoided, and it detects all other radar band signals.

You can adjust the Escort Radar Max 360 Radar volume, by using the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ volume buttons. With this button, the volume will increase or decrease when it is depressed. So, once you reach the specific volume, simply release the button. When you do this, the audio setting is stored in the memory, and it retains the setting, even the radar is shut off.

This Built-In Bluetooth Technology easily accesses to Escort award-winning App. Also, this Escort Live App is the Real-Time Speeding ticket-protection app. So, using the Bluetooth, you can connect to all Escort Live App users who alert you from the police radars which are detected by them. 

Escort 360 Max GPS Technology makes easy to detect laser/radar signals. Also, with this technology, you can avoid false alerts from other radar sources. Like, if you choose the same location daily, you may have the chances to get the false alerts from nearby grocery stores. This Grocery stores use automatic door openers which provides you the radar signals. GPS will mark these alerts and avoid them, whenever you use that location.

 In addition to this, Escort Radar GPS also detects red lights and speed cameras in your driving location. So, to detect this newly installed Red lights and Speed cameras, you need to update the Radar Detector. Besides all this, GPS designated to search and receive data from four satellites. So, these data include the distance of your location from each of the satellites. This GPS receiver can calculate and pinpoint the exact location.

Escort 360 Max Radar Detector provides you three different arrow modes to show the radar direction.  

In Single Arrow Mode, it indicates only primary threat in arrow display. All other radar threats are displayed in the same display color selected by you.

Multiple Arrow Mode displays threat direction for all threats. And, in this mode, the primary threat will blink in the direction arrow. Also, the direction arrow color is quite the opposite to the display color of the detector.

At last the Band Arrow Mode, it provides the individual color for every band detected. Like, green for X-band, red for Ka-band/laser, and blue for K-band Detection.

Using the Escort – Max 360 Radar Detector, you can simply lock-out unwanted alerts. This feature uses GPS to lockout the false alerts and stores them in the Radar Memory. So, you can lock-out a false alert by simply pressing the MUTE button three times on the detector. After this, you will get a prompt message displaying “Stored” to let you know. As a result, whenever you reach that specific location, the detector will avoid that stored threat. With this, you can have a comfortable drive without any disturbances.

Escort Max 360 comes with three different Mute Modes that lets you reduce the volume of the radar. At first, the Mute mode which lets you mute the Radar Detector during the alert. Next, the AutoMute Mode, this mode will automatically reduce the volume to your desired volume level. So, once the radar encounters a signal, it will simply make you comfortable by reducing the volume to your desired level. And at last, the Smartmute mode will set your desired volume automatically for the second band.

Using the Escort 360 Max Radar Detector, you can mark a specific location for future alerts. So, you can mark the speed cameras as well as red lights for your future alert. This feature of Max 360 Escort provides you the alerts on upcoming markers. It will display these marked locations along with the distance; you were approaching it.

Escort Max 360 Radar provides you seven different settings. So, you can choose from any of the settings to display the signal strength of the detector. Also, if you are experienced with the use of radars, then you can prefer the ExpertFR mode. In this mode, the Radar Detector displays all the signals along with their signal strength.

Escort Radar Max 360 provides you a smartcord which makes the detector easy to operate. Also, as the cord has a Mute button, Power light, and an Alert light, you can simply make use of it. Besides this, you can keep the radar in the dark mode and use the Smartcord for alerts. In addition to this, you can also alert other Escort Live App users, just by clicking the mute button of the cord, whenever you detect a radar signal.     

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector provided with an OLED display. You can change the display color with provided four colors to match the dashboard of your car. Besides this, Escort Max 360 Radar gives you different brightness modes to select. And, the brightness modes are Dark, Minimum, Medium, and Maximum Mode. In Dark mode, this Bluetooth Radar Detector will not display any alert, providing you the blank display.

Escort Max 360 Update database will provide you the alerts from speed cameras as well as red lights. So, if any speed cameras and Red lights are newly installed, the updated version can easily detect them. You can update your database simply with the exclusive software tools from the Escort Website. To successfully update your firmware and database, you need to connect your radar to your computer using the mini USB. For more feature and new changes, you can make the escort max 360 updates.

Coming to the warranty, Escort 360 Max given the One Year Limited Warranty. So, if you have any complaint regarding the Radar Detector, you can contact the Escort company. Also, if any breach occurs regarding the product, Escort will repair or replace the radar free of charge. In Addition to this, if you have further doubts about detector, refer the Escort Max 360 Manual.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
1.4 x 5.4 x 3.6 inches
Item Weight
1.76 ounces
Detection Type
Laser and Radar Detection
Display Type
One-Year Limited Warranty

Escort Max 360 Review

Every car user wants to avoid speeding tickets, as they often travel a lot by cars. Escort Radar Max 360 solve your problem by avoiding the speeding tickets. Also, Escort Radar detects all police radars or laser to alert you to avoid your speed. You can mount the Radar Detector on the windshield of your car to detect the radar signals effortlessly. Also, Escort comes with Software updates which give you a long time guarantee in detection. 

As you travel a lot by car, you have to make sure that you are using the Radar Detector every time. Escort  360 Max Radar Detector comes with many excellent features which are more than enough for a detector like that. So, choosing the Escort Max 360 is the perfect option among other radars. Also, Escort Max 360 Amazon provides you with reasonable price, where you can easily buy it.

Selectable accents of the display made to match the dashboard of your car. Adjustable Brightness modes to make easy for you to read the display. Escort Radar Max 360 gives you three different sensitivity options to select. You can also choose the Autolearn feature to let the radar intelligently analyze the threats before displaying. Escort Max 360 Radar Detector best buy at Amazon for a suitable price. Besides all this, Escort Max 360 Reviews by most of the customers are superb. So, you can also go through the customer’s reviews to conclude yourself before buying the radar.

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector features at a glance

  • 360-Degree Laser Detection
  • 4 times increased range
  • Quick Radar Response
  • DSP to Intelligently filter the threats
  • Clear Voice Alerts
  • Directional Arrows to indicate radar signals
  • Compatible Escort Live App
  • Multi Color Graphic Display
  • Selectable Dual Languages
  • Web Ready Radar Detector
  • Magnetic Mount Sticky Cup
  • Include Travel Case
  • Updatable Defender Database
  • GPS Technology Included
  • Built-In Bluetooth Technology
  • Selectable Sensitivity Modes (Highway, Auto, Auto No X)
  • SmartCord Included
  • TSR Filter
  • Patented Autolearn mode
  • Mute Mode and AutoMute Mode
  • Changeable Display Accent Colors
  • True Lock False Alerts
  • OLED Display
  • Geiger-Counter type Alert tones
  • One-Year Limited Warranty


  • Autolearn Technology
  • Clear Voice Alerts
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Suction Power


  • Escort Radar Max 360 gives long range detection
  • Directional arrows of the detector show you the way, the threat approaching
  • GPS Technology to avoid false alerts
  • Bluetooth Technology to access to Escort Live App
  • Also, effective false alert filter to avoid unwanted threats
  • Autolearn Technology to remember the location where the false alerts are detected
  • Escort Live App helps to share and receive threats with other Escort users
  • Selectable Sensitivity modes to detect the radar signals effortlessly
  • Individual alert tones for every band detection
  • The Escort Max 360 Reviews by customers are good


  • You have to pay price to install the Escort Live App
  • This escort 360 max radar detector is a bit expensive


How to update an Escort Max 360 Radar Detector?

 To update an Escort Max 360 Radar Detector, follow the steps below-

  1. Connect the device to the computer
  2. Search for an update on its official website. 
  3. Download and update accordingly.
How does the Escort Max 360 Radar Detector work?

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector works on auto sensitivity by recognizing the interference received and raising the alarm.

How to turn on over-speed warning on Escort Max 360 Radar Detector?

The over-speed indication warning button is located on the left corner of Escort Max 360 Radar Detector, pressing which will turn it on.

How much is the Escort Max 360 Radar Detector?

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector costs $499.95.

Does the mount for the 9500XI fit the Max 360?

No, the mount for 9500XI is not compatible for Max 360.

What has longer distance 9500IX or Max 360?

9500IX has longer distance when compared with Max 360.

What's the difference between the Escort Max 360 Radar Detector and Escort Max 360C Radar Detector?

The max 360 gives the same performance and reaching capabilities as 360C. The only difference is that you will not find any Wi-Fi built-in for automatic updates, and instead, you need to use Bluetooth for cloud integration as most of the escorts other current detectors. Also, Escort Max 360C has sleeker design of threat detection arrows around the display.


Use of a Radar Detector will solve your problem of avoiding speeding tickets. Escort 360 Max is the perfect option to detect all police radar guns. Also, the Escort Live App of the detector makes effortless by providing other app users detected signals. GPS feature of the detector easily avoids false alerts. Directional arrows of the Escort Max 360 Radar Detector helps you to know the direction of the detectors. Also, the Escort Max Radar Detector is well-suited for your daily drive. This escort max 360 for sale on Amazon from where you can easily buy the detector. Refer the Escort Max 360 Manual for the installation process and maintenance.

Use of the Escort Max 360 Radar Detector makes easy to avoid the speeding tickets. As it can also detect the speed cameras and red lights to alert you. GPS, Bluetooth, Defender Database, and false threat filters of the detector make it the best to choose among other Radar Detectors.

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