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Escort Passport Max II Review 2020

 It is sometimes too easy to be caught by a cop for over speeding, and sometimes it is not even your fault. We all have unintentionally run over the speed limit with no intention of breaking the traffic rules. It just happens sometimes and what we end up with is a speeding ticket and hefty fine to pay. This in no way indicates that we should not be following traffic rules; it only means that we can save ourselves from those speeding tickets once or twice by keeping a check on our speed. But how do you do that? The answer is radar and laser detectors which have been specifically designed to do the same.

ESCORT MAX II Radar Laser Detector Overview

These radar detectors inform you of any police car signal that might be nearby so that you can check your speed before you get in trouble. It is an in-car portable device which is specifically there to also inform you of speed detection devices. The more you read this Escort Passport Max II Review, the more you gonna like this device. They operate on specific radio waves and are equipped with additional features like Bluetooth to enhance the convenience factor. One such very convenient and one of the best Budget Radar Detector is the Escort Passport Max II.

Escort Max II Laser Detector Features

The Escort Passport Max II HD Radar Detector has this unique auto-learn technology with which it helps you detect alerts quickly. Here, it uses GPS technology and the exact frequency on while false alerts were once detected so that in future, those same frequencies can be termed as false alerts and eliminated altogether. With the help of this auto-learn feature, you have 360-degree protection, and you get alerts only for what is essential.

Sometimes the number of alerts and threats can go on increasing, and it can be hard to keep up with them. With the Escort live feature in the Escort Passport Max II HD Radar, you can stay ahead of what is about to come. There is a database of all the locations where you might get any alerts, and you can add your spots to it as well. This helps you stay protected in advance from what is about to come.

 The Escort Passport Max II HD Radar Detector has unique voice alerts to eliminate that issue. You can drive worry-free entirely because whenever any radar is close by, unique voice warnings will go on to inform you about it. These alerts get customised on their own based on where you are and on what speed you are driving.

Speed alerts in any radar detector should be quick enough for you to be able to change your own before you get in trouble. The alerts that come from the Escort Passport Max II Laser Detector are information equipped regarding the type of vehicle, the band and the signal strength for you to make an informed decision about your next step. All this is displayed and informed to you in almost an instant to ensure you can also act quickly.

The overall design of this as the Best Escort Passport Radar Detector is very intuitive and informative, making the unit extremely user-friendly. Bluetooth connectivity is one of the features which accounts for that, giving you more to explore and do while you drive. You can connect to the Escort live app through it and make your moves accordingly. The display as well is following the features which make the unit very easily usable.


Specification Name Value
5.2 x 3.2 x 1 inches
9.6 ounces
Model no
1 lithium battery
Bluetooth-Equipped Escort Live Ready
IVT Filter
Defender Database





What replaced the Escort Passport Max II?

The Escort Passport Max II is replaced by the latest version, Escort Max II Platinum.

How do I update my Escort Passport Max II?

To update Escort Passport Max II, follow the steps below-

  1. Visit the official website of Escort.
  2. Connect your Escort Passport Max II to a computer using a data cable.
  3. Find the exact model of Escort Passport Max II and check for its update.
  4. Download its update and install it. 
How do I reset my Escort Passport Max II?

Follow the steps below to reset Escort Passport Max II to its original settings-

  1. You need to press and long press SEN and BRT buttons while turning on the power. 
  2. The Escort Passport Max II display will provide a reset message that accompanies an audible alert acknowledging the reset.
Does the Escort Passport Max II come with a sticky cup windshield mount?

Yes, you get a sticky Cup and a windshield Mount with the Escort Passport Max II Radar Detector.

Do you need to pair the Escort Passport Max II with your phone to enable automatic lockouts?

No, it is not mandatory to link up Escort Passport Max II to your phone to enable automatic lockouts.

How will the Escort Passport Max II installation be done?

The radar detector comes with suction cups for mounting.

Does Escort Passport Max II have dual detection?

Yes, the detector will alert you of signals from behind as well.

Can you receive calls etc. while connecting the phone’s Bluetooth to the Escort Passport Max II radar detector?

Like usual, you can play music and receive and make calls while connecting the detector’s Bluetooth.

Bottom Line

The reason the Escort Passport Max II has been termed as one of the Best Cheap Radar Detector is that it has been designed to be so. It does have pitfalls here and there in its design, but they are not big enough to make it an unsuccessful product. Otherwise, the user-friendly design is what makes it the hero it is. Most Best Police Radar Detector doesn’t have Bluetooth of GPS features incorporated in their system, but both of them have been blended well for you to use the product well. The graphic display is again not just bright but extremely colourful too to ensure that you are informed on time and efficiently. You can customise this Radar Detector to your advantage and convenience in many ways which is a great thing to have here. There are other external features like the Escort live app as well, to give you an edge above everyone else. It is undoubtedly one of the best radar detectors for a reason which is visible in its design and features. Hope you like this Escort Passport Max II Radar Detector Review, and make sure to share your experience with us in comments.

The ESCORT MAX II is one of the most well-mapped detectors out of all the Best Radar Laser Detector you might have seen. It doesn’t just detect radars but also maps signals and cameras that might be located anywhere. The central database provided to the users comes in very handy here. Every user can get a live update of all the mapped points for quick action on them. The unit will even tell you where the next red light is as soon as you reach a fair distance to it. The presence of such features is what makes this radar detector one of the best one.

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