The 10 Best Escort Radar Detectors to Buy in 2019


Speeding tickets are the worst feeling, you ever have which ruins your entire day. Most people use Radar Detectors to avoid these speeding tickets to detect the radar signals of the police radar guns. In these days, everyone searches for the best-featured Radar Detectors that makes your drive easy along with the speeding ticket avoidance. Escort Radar Detector solves your problems by detecting these radar/laser signals at a glance to alert you. Moreover, Escort Company manufactures the Best Radar Detectors on the market that fulfills all your radar needs. One of the excellent features of this car radar detector is that it comes with award-winning Escort Live App. This Radar Detector can simply make your drive easy by its quick response to threats. Also, the Escort Smart Radar Detector easily mounted at the center of the windshield of your car for the high-range performance. 


Best Escort Radar Detector 

The Radar Detector Escort provide popular and easy to use Radar Detectors for the everyday driver. Also, Escort Radar Detectors are manufactured for a specific type of needs of a driver. Besides all this, if you are not a radar user, then this Top Escort Radar Detector is the perfect option to choose. As this Escort Radar Detector is easy to use and you can understand it easily using the quick reference card. Hence, with this Radar Detector, you can also detect the Red lights and Speed cameras. Moreover, the Escort Live App compatibility of the detector shares and receives the radar signals detected by the other app users. So, if you are searching for the Best Radar Detector, then go through the Escort Radar Detector Reviews. Through this Reviews, you can decide to buy the Radar Detector as the customers are given it the best ratings. So, this Escort Radar Detector provides you with every feature that you need in a Radar Detector. 

Top 10 Best Escort Radar Detectors for Sale

$138.90 3 used from $135.00 4 new from $138.90
in stock
Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector, Red Display
$199.95 $236.67 1 used from $233.35 7 new from $199.95
in stock
Escort 0100034-1 Solo S4 Radar Detector, Black
$289.99 $319.95 5 used from $255.19 3 new from $289.99
in stock
Escort iX Long Range Radar Laser Detector, Black
$299.95 1 used from $222.26 4 new from $299.95
in stock
Escort 0100018-4 Escort X80 Radar Detector, Black
$349.56 $499.95 8 used from $220.00 1 new from $349.56
in stock
Escort Passport 9500IX Radar/Laser Detector (Black)
$549.95 3 used from $349.84 3 new from $549.93
in stock
Escort Max 360 Radar Detector (Black)
$599.95 2 used from $539.00 2 new from $599.00
in stock
Escort Redline EX
$279.34 1 used from $239.00 6 new from $279.34
out of stock
Escort Passport X70 Radar Detector


Escort Passport 9500IX Radar Detector

The Escort 9500IX comes with the front and rear laser sensors that provide you 360-degree laser protection. Escort Radar 9500IX detects multiple bands like X-band, K-band, Superwide Ka-band and instant-on POP modes. Also, the Passport Escort 9500IX has GPS that avoids all false alerts from automatic door openers, motion sensors, and other radar sources. Moreover, the Autolearn system and Autopower are the best features of the detector. You can also make your drive easy by using the revolutionary Autosensitivity mode that detects multiple bands easily and avoids the minimal false threats. In addition to this, the Ultra-bright alphanumeric display comes with exclusive expert meter and specdisplay. So, you can easily read the display and avoid the police radars.

Escort Passport 9500IX Radar/Laser Detector defender Database of the system alerts you from red lights and speed cameras. So, you can avoid them and also, detect the newly installed speed cameras and red lights at the poles on the highway. Besides all these features, one of the best features of the detector is that it is compatible with Escort Live App. So, you can use this app to communicate with other app users to receive and send the radar signals. Also, you can use the Escort Passport 9500IX manual for the installation process and maintenance. 


  • Escort Passport 9500IX Radar detector provides you long range detection.
  • This Car Radar Detector gives you 360-degree protection from laser guns.
  • Also, Escort Best Radar Detector comes with compatible Escort Live app.
  • Updatable Defender Database detects all red lights and speed cameras easily.
  • Autolearn system of the radar avoids false alerts.
  • Selectable sensitivity modes increase the Escort Radar Detector performance.


  • Escort Passport 9500IX has no directional arrows.
  • Moreover, this radar detector is not the cordless radar detector. 

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Escort Max 360 Radar Detector

The Escort Max 360 Radar Detector has the directional arrows that indicate the threat direction. Escort Radar detector also provides you the complete 360-degree protection from laser guns. The front and rear laser detection of the radar scans all directions. Also, the lightning fast focus of the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) finds the threats faster than any other Radar Detectors. Besides, this top rated radar detector comes with an app-based filtering system to avoid the false alerts. 

Escort Max 360-image


The power of the community of the Escort Max 360 Radar Detector protects all the drivers from the radar and laser threats who use the Escort Live app. Moreover, the escort radar Max 360 has Bluetooth which connects to the award-winning Escort app. Besides all this, the Escort Radar Detector Max360 shows your speed limit through the app. The dual-language feature of this Radar Detector App makes your driving easy by clear voice alerts. You can also go through the Escort Max 360 Reviews of the customers to assure yourself to buy the detector.


  • Escort 360 Radar Detector has the directional arrows.
  • 360-degree laser protection to detect the laser guns effectively.
  • Also, Bluetooth is equipped with the Escort Max 360 Radar Detector to connect with the Escort Live app.
  • DSP system of the detector detects the false alerts and avoids them.
  • Also, this Best Radar Detector comes with Defender Database.
  • Escort Max 360 provides five filters to detect the effective threat.


  • The installation of the Escort Live App is not for free.
  • Also, the Escort Radar Detector Max360 is a bit expensive.

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Escort Passport S55 Radar Detector

One of the most advanced radar/laser detector on the market is the Escort Passport S55. The Escort Passport S55 Radar/Laser Detector has the best sensitivity filters to avoid the unwanted false alerts. You can choose the Bar graph, Expert Meter or the Spec Display option as per your convenience. Also, this Radar Detector App lets you share and receive the radar signal information with the other app users. You can also reduce the radar volume as per your requirement.

Escort Passport S55-image

Escort Passport S55 High Performance Pro Radar and Laser Detector W/ DSP includes the Mute mode and Automute Mode. Moreover, you can detect the multiple radar bands using the radar detector. Also, the Escort Live App provides you the real-time ticket-protection network and detects the Red lights and Speed cameras too. And, the Escort S55 Radar Review by the customers make you buy this Radar Detector.


  • Escort Radar S55 has the long-range detection.
  • Detects the multiple radar signals.
  • Included with a Smart cord.
  • The expert meter of the detector to detect the four signals simultaneously.
  • Escort Live App to connect with other app users.
  • Choosable Sensitivity modes to make the detection effective.


  • Escort S55 Radar Detector has no GPS system.
  • No Directional Arrows.

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Escort IX Radar Detector

Like all other Escort Radar Detectors, this Escort IX has the same features but was equipped with some features. Escort IX Radar Detector long-range detection detects all radar/laser bands to avoid the speeding tickets. Patented Mute and Automute modes of the detector are easy to operate. Moving In-Vehicle Technology Updates avoids the false alerts from the collision avoidance systems and adaptive cruise control. Also, the New EZ magnetic mount to mount the radar on the windshield of your car.  

Escort IX-image

Escort Live App of the radar detector connects easily with the Bluetooth to alert you the threats and is a ticket prevention app. Furthermore, the Auto-learn technology of the detector uses the GPS to reduce the false alerts and to make the detection of bands effective. Through the Escort IX Reviews from the customers, you can simply conclude yourself to buy this Best Car Radar Detector. Clear Voice alerts of the Escort IX Radar lets you focus on the road as its alerts are easily understood.


  • Escort Radar Detector IX includes GPS, IVT filter to avoid the false alerts.
  • Built in Radar Detector Defender Database improves the detection of the detector.
  • Long-Range Detection makes it more choosable among other radars.
  • Includes crystal clear voice alerts.
  • Connect with Escort App to make the detection more accurately.
  • New Ez magnetic mount to mount the detector easily.


  • Controls of the detector are somewhat hard to use.
  • Also, the Escort IX Radar has a low-contrast display.

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Escort Solo S3 Radar Detector

Cordless Radar Detector of the Escort Solo 3 uses the high-efficiency battery design. This Best Radar Detector Escort has the high-resolution graphics; OLED to display the threats that make it easy to understand. It also includes two types of display meters like Bar graph and Expert meter to display. Like, all the other Escort Radar Detectors, Escort Cordless Solo S3 detects the multiple bands easily. Moreover, it comes with the Multishield VG-2 protection to detect the laser signals simultaneously. In addition to this, Escort Solo S3 alerts you to Safety Warning System like Highway maintenance or construction hazards, and so on.

Escort Solo S3-image

9-user programmable features allow you to detect the threats rapidly and avoid the speeding tickets. Also, the Escort Solo S3 Radar Detector stores all your settings in the memory itself, even when you change the battery. Other than these features, the all New Auto Power feature of this Cordless Radar Detector saves your battery by automatically turning off the radar. So, if you want a cordless radar detector in your car, then this is the best radar detector to choose.


  • Escort Solo S3 Radar Detector was the compact and cordless radar detector.
  • Escort Solo S3 Review by customers say that the performance was the greatest benefit of the detector.
  • Also, the radar detector comes with adjustable brightness modes that make your driving easy all the times.
  • High-Efficiency Battery design included in this Escort Radar Detector.
  • Also, protects from the laser guns easily.
  • Included with 9-user programmable features.


  • Escort Solo S3 has a poor suction cup mount that provides a rattling noise while driving.
  • Also, while using the city mode, the Escort Solo 3 provides some false alerts.


Escort Passport 8500X50 Radar Detector

The Escort Passport 8500×50 Black Radar Detector has a unique design with all-band protection. Advanced Digital Signal Processing of the Escort 8500×50 Radar Detector avoids from getting the false alerts. EZ programming of the Radar Detector allows it to customize easily. Also, the selectable sensitivity of the Escort Radar Detector helps to detect the band frequencies effectively. And, the Auto Sensitivity mode of the radar used to identify the real threats from other radar sources.

Escort Passport 8500X50 Radar Detector

Escort Passport 8500×50 Radar Detector use the TSR filter to eliminate the false alerts from the traffic sensors installed for traffic avoidance. Therefore, three levels of the brightness modes let you have a smooth and safe ride while driving at night hours. Ultra-bright matrix display of the Escort 8500×50 provides you the crystal clear display which makes it easy to read. Moreover, this best radar detector Escort delivered with 40% improved performance and had a sophisticated look along with a Smartcord. So, you can use this smartcord to perform some functions by keeping the radar in the dark mode as per your convenience.


  • Majority of the Escort Passport 8500×50 reviews by customers say that it provides enough warnings to adjust the speed.
  • TSR filter used to minimize the number of false alerts.
  • DSP of the detector covers maximum range with less false alerts.
  • Easy to use right out of the box.
  • Smartcord to control the radar detector at your fingertips.
  • Includes crystal clear display and voice alerts.


  • Some customers say that the radar detector has the over-heating issue.
  • Also, the Escort Radar Detector has no GPS or Compatible App system.


Escort Passport X70 Radar Detector

The Escort X70 Radar Detector is the most advanced radar/laser detector on the market. Also, the Escort radar Detector X70 offers you the long-range warnings on multiple radar bands. And, the Auto Sensitivity mode of the radar eliminates the other radar sources to provide you the information on relevant sources. Moreover, the Escort – Passport X70 Radar Detector has patented Mute and Automute modes to silent the radar whenever you like.

Escort Passport X70 Radar Detector image

Escort Live App of the detector lets you control the radar detector from the mobile. You can also change the settings using this app as well as you can share the radar signals with other app users. Besides all this, the Escort X70 Radar Detector helps to access the local speed limit data to avoid the over-speed alerts. And, you can also go through the Escort X70 review of the customers for the performance and other details of the detector.


  • Escort Radar Detector X70 Long-range detection detect the radar signals effectively.
  • The Escort Live app compatible make it the best radar among other radars.
  • Alerts you to avoid over-speed.
  • Sensitivity modes of the radar used to detect the threats spontaneously at different locations.
  • Multi-Color OLED display is easy to read.
  • Also, this radar includes long-range warnings on all radar/laser bands.


  • The Escort X70 Radar Detector has no Built In Radar Detector Bluetooth system.
  • Also, this detector has no GPS to detect the red lights and speed cameras easily.


Escort Redline EX Radar Detector

Twin antenna design of the Escort Radar Redline EX provides extreme radar performance. GPS intelligence of the radar detector helps to eliminate the false alerts. Also, the updatable IVT filter used to reject the vehicle’s collision avoidance as well as other radar sources avoidance. Besides this, the EX Escort radar comes with patented Mute and Automute modes to silent the detector. Moreover, built in radar detector Bluetooth connects to the Escort Live App which has real-time speed limit data, speed cameras and shared threat locations from the nearby users.

Escort Redline EX-image

You can also select the RDR filtering which gives the user the ultimate control over the Escort Smart Radar Detector. Also, the Best Escort Radar Autolearn system used to avoid the false alerts automatically. Therefore, the Escort Redline EX Radar Detector dual antenna design makes it the best radar which detects effectively. Built-in Radar Detector Defender Database is easy to update, and through this updates, your detection of the radars becomes easy. At last, it has the Exclusive Total shield technology that delivers you the 100% undetectability performance.


  • The Escort Redline EX Radar Detector has the long-range detection.
  • Also, the radar provides the extreme range performance.
  • Built-in Bluetooth connects the radar to the Escort Live app.
  • GPS included radar detector rejects the unwanted radar signals from other sources.
  • Choosable Sensitivity modes of the detector increase the radar performance.
  • Moreover, the total shield technology of the detector has 100% undetectability.


  • Escort Redline Ex Radar Detector has no directional arrows.
  • Price is more.

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Escort X80 Radar Detector

The Escort X80 is available with the multi-color OLED display that is easy to read. You can select your preferred language from the provided dual-language settings. Also, the Escort Radar Detector X80 has laser sensors which provide maximum laser warning from the laser guns. Quick reference card provided for you to know the working which makes it easy to use. In addition to this, the Smartcord makes it easy to use some extra features that let you control the radar.Escort X80 Radar Detector-image

Built-in Bluetooth equipped with this Best Escort Radar Detector which lets you access the Escort Live App. Through this Escort Live App, you can communicate to the other app users for radar signal detection. Moreover, you can drive your car safely with the help of the voice alerts which are easily understandable. You can simply mount the radar detector to your car at the center of your car. Escort X80 Radar Detector Reviews by customers are excellent. 


  • Built in Radar Detector Bluetooth simply connects to the Escort Award-Winning App.
  • You can easily detect the radar/laser bands using the Escort X80 Radar Detector.
  • Crystal clear voice alerts are easily understood.
  • Dual-language settings of the detector come in English and Spanish languages.
  • Multi-Color OLED display is easy to read.
  • Moreover, the fastest response of the detector is the best feature among other radar detectors.


  • Escort X80 Radar Detector has no GPS system included with it.
  • Moreover, it has no defender database to upgrade.


Escort Solo S4 Radar Detector

Escort Solo Radar Detector is one of the cordless radar detectors. Using the Escort Radar Detector Solo S4, you can get the fastest response which avoids the cause of speeding tickets. Also, you can take it anywhere as the model is cordless. So, if you like changing the cars, then this Escort Radar S0l0 S4 model is the perfect option. However, it provides the long-range detection which detects the radar and laser bands easily. Batteries are included in this radar detector that is easily changed and also the detector has an automatic shut off radar feature that saves your battery.Escort SoloS4 Radar Detector-image

Ez-programming of the detector lets you select the 9-user preference features. So, you can make your drive simple by using these features. Auto-sensitivity modes of the radar detector make the detection easy regarding the location. Moreover, the Escort Solo Radar Detector provided with a travel case which allows carrying the radar anywhere. Also, you can keep it safe with you as sometimes you may have chances of the radar getting stolen. Quick reference guide of the detector helps you to understand it easily.


  • Escort Solo S4 Radar Detector is the Best cordless radar detector.
  • Also, provides you the fastest response that avoids the speeding tickets.
  • Different sensitivity modes of the detector used to increase the detection performance.
  • Travel case of the detector makes it simple to carry.
  • Quick reference card easily lets you understand the radar.
  • 9-user preference feature is the best feature to let you choose the required radar performance.


  • Escort Solo Radar Detector has no directional arrows to indicate the direction of the radar signal.
  • Moreover, it has no0 Bluetooth or GPS system.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Best Radar Detector 2019

Make sure that radar detectors are legal in your driving location. In some places, it is illegal to use a radar detector. So, before buying a radar detector, make sure to know that whether the radar is legal or illegal in your country. Besides this, if you have bought a detector and started to use it, then it will be no good to you except breaking the law. If the radar is legal in your country, then you can simply buy one and make use of it.

Advanced Features

Escort Radar Detector advacned features

Recently, many Radar Detectors introduced in the market with many variations. So, choosing the detector became a bit hard for the users. With this in mind, always go through the features of a Radar Detector to buy yourself the best radar detector. However, all the radars come with the same purpose, but the performance and the features differ. Moreover, some Radar Detectors comes with a compatible smartphone app to improve the use. Also, Bluetooth enabled Radar Detector will let you connect to your mobile. And, the GPS Technology of the detector is the must and should feature for a radar for increasing the sensitivity. In addition to this, you can choose the detector which is provided with voice alerts that are easy to understand while driving.

Suitable for your need

Always buy the radar detector that fulfills all your needs. Like, the detector should have the high-range detection ability to detect the future alerts in your driving location spontaneously. So, if you are using a car radar detector, then you have to choose from corded or cordless one. Firstly, if you choose the cordless one, you can easily transport it anywhere. Also, the corded one makes it easy to use with its Intellicord through which you can operate some features of the detector. As per your comfort, you can choose the radar detector that suits you very well.

Choose the smartphone compatible radar

Smartphone-compactable-radar detector image

Nowadays many of the detectors come with compatible smartphone availability. As these radar detectors are easy to use with the included mobile app through which you can control the radar at your fingertips. This was the best feature for radar because, for the alerts, you can get on your smartphone which makes simple use of the radar. Also, sometimes it is difficult to operate the radar while driving the car. So, the compatible smartphone app comforts you by providing the alerts at your fingertips.

Value for moneyValue-for-Money

Whenever you buy a radar detector, you are very concerned about the price of a product. So, the gadgets should come for the best price. Moreover, you don’t want to pay for the radar that provides you minimum performance and has fewer features compared to other radars. With this in mind, buy a Radar Detector that fulfills your needs and comes at an affordable price.   

 Long-Range Detection

Radar Detector should provide the long-range detection the easily cover a large area to detect the bands. Also, this feature of the detector responds to the future threats and provides you the upcoming alerts easily. Many of the Escort Radar Detector comes with the high-range performance feature. Consequently, the Escort Radar Detector detects all the multiple bands instantly which lets you avoid from having the speeding ticket. The Best Escort Radar makes your search easy in detecting the signals of various bands.

Selectable Sensitivity Modes

For every radar detector, sensitivity is the main feature that every radar user searches before buying a detector. As you drive in different locations, this feature helps you to avoid false alerts and to effectively detect the band frequencies. Most of the Escort Radar Detectors provide the three different modes of sensitivity. Firstly, the Highway mode which detects all the radar bands in the highway zone. And, if you drive your car at streets or in cities, the Second mode which is Auto mode eliminates the x-band and K-band. Through this elimination, it can detect the high-frequency bands easily to alert you. And, lastly the Auto no x mode used to eliminate the x-band and detects remaining all bands.

GPS Technology

GPS Images

Many of the Escort Radar Detectors use the GPS technology to avoid the false alerts from other radar sources. Use of the GPS system will make your search easy by detecting the Red lights and Speed cameras. As some of the Traffic Flow Sensors mounted at the traffic poles contains the radars which provide the band signal to the Radar Detectors. So, to avoid those unwanted alerts, Escort Radar Detector use the GPS system.

Defender Database

Nowadays almost all the Radar Detectors manufactured with the firmware or defender database system. So, to increase your performance, you have to update these systems. Escort Radar Detector manufactured many of their radars with this system. Also, whenever you update the radar, it will help you to detect the newly installed Red lights and Speed cameras.

Compatible Escort Live App

Escort Live App feature of this Speed Radar Detector informs you to the radar signals by the other app users. Like, the Escort Radar Detector App makes you receive and send the radar signals detected by other app users. Also, this Best Radar Detector App was the one which you can find mostly in the Escort Radar Detectors. Moreover, the Escort Live App is the Award-winning app preferred by many of the radar users. 

Why only Escort Radar Detectors?

Escort Radar Detector Logo

 Escort provides the best radar detectors as it doesn’t compromise with the Performance and Technology. Moreover, 65% of the detection protection patents belong to the Escort only. Escort has the 35 years of experience in designing and engineering these Escort smart radars. Also, it provides the VIP programs which offers the access to discounts. Besides, all this, the Escort provides the best radar detector features that increase the working of the detectors. So, Escort comes with an all-time speeding ticket avoidance radars that are easy to use and maintain.

The award-winning Escort Live App of the company is the awesome app as it lets you see the radar signals that are detected by the nearby app users. In addition to this, Defender Database system of this Escort smart radar alerts you to red lights and speed cameras easily. Therefore, it has the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to alert you to the threats faster and more accurately.


The Escort Radar Detectors are the best radar detectors with the exclusive high-range performance. So, they easily provide you the multiple radar/laser bands through which you can simply avoid the speeding tickets. Hence, you can also have the control over your speeding limit as the detector provides the over speed alert. Through the Escort Live app, you can simply connect your mobile with other app users to know the radar signals detected near you. And also, Escort Radar Detectors comes with the upgrades that make your radar detection better and easy. Coming to the price, you can choose the perfect radar for you at an affordable price from cheap Escort radar detectors. I hope you enjoyed the Escort Radar Detector Reviews. Thanks for visiting our site.

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