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Escort Redline EX Radar Detector Review 2023

Looking for the best radar detector to avoid the speeding tickets and to enjoy the trip without any issues. Buying a Radar Detector will solve all your problems as it provides alerts by detecting the Police Radars. Before buying a detector make sure to check the features like sensitivity, band filtering, GPS, Bluetooth option, defender database, avoiding fake alerts and voice alerts. This Radar Detector helps you to avoid speeding tickets as well as speed cameras. Using these Radar Detectors, you have a better chance to avoid police radars. For that purpose, Escort manufactured a new Escort Redline EX Radar Detector for you.

These Radar Detectors are helpful for those who are having a fabulous trip by avoiding the tickets. Also, Escort Radar Detector Reviews by customers are good. This Radar Detector Features and Specifications are provided to let you know about the product. Escort Redline EX Radar Detector comes with a GPS Technology to avoid false alerts and it also alerts you from speed traps and speed cameras. Bluetooth option is the best feature as you can easily access to Escort Live app to share and notify yourself of threats with other App users.

Escort Redline EX Radar Detector Overview

Escort Radar gives high performance and is long range radar detector. Also uses improved k band BSM filtering over original Redline. GPS Lockout with low-speed muting and red light camera alerts. You can see your current speed limit displayed on the screen. Escort Radar Detector comes with excellent magnetic mount and the power cord has a mute button, alert LED and USB port. The Escort Radar display is Updated color OLED and the Radar is also immune to detection from Radar Detectors.

Escort Redline includes full X, K, Ka and front and rear laser detection, a dual antenna with varactor-tuned (VTO) microwave receiver. The Band alerts of the Radar Detector comes with an audible and visual mode to have a safe drive. If you want to know about other Radar detectors view our site just by clicking here


  • Best of Escort Live
  • Defender Database
  • Extreme Range Performance & Escort Radar Update
  • Automatic GPS Lockouts
  • Updatable Filter & Clear Voice Alerts
  • Multiple Modes & Warranty
  • Alert Lamp
  • Immunity of Escort Redline Radar Detector

1. Best of Escort Live

With Built-in Bluetooth Technology, Escort Live App is provided for easy access. The benefit of Escort Redline EX App is that your detector can automatically share threats through the cloud and share it with other Escort Live App users. And also you can notify yourself from alerts provided by other App users. You can change the settings through the detector but its a way more complicated to use. So, you can use the App which makes a lot easier to change the settings.

2. Defender Database

As you can see that the speed traps and speed cameras are placed everywhere, they can easily track your cars speed. Also, a large number of cameras are installed for safety measures. So, this Radar Detector uses exclusive Defender database for a red light and speed camera location. When you approach these locations, the Redline Ex alerts you in advance. So, you can easily avoid the speeding ticket.

3. Extreme Range Performance & Escort Radar Update

Escort Redline Radar Detector covers the long range to Detect police radars. This Radar Detector gives you a solid performance and alerts you in advance from speed cameras and police radars.

Escort releases the Updates for Escort Redline EX Radar Detector. This update process takes about 10 seconds and is an easy process. You need to download the Escort Detector Tools Pro, then plug in your Radar Detector using MiniUSB cable and click the green update button.

4. Automatic GPS Lockouts

GPS lockout is the best feature of the Escort Radar as it avoids false alerts. As you travel the same location every day, this GPS helps you by avoiding the false alerts created by some automatic door openers of grocery stores. So, Escort Radar detector learns about these alerts and if you choose the same location daily GPS locks out them. Using the GPS, you can also know about the places where the police radars are available.

5. Updatable Filter & Clear Voice Alerts

Best Escort Radar Detector comes with an updatable filter to avoid the false alerts from moving-in vehicle technology to avoid collisions. The updated BSM filter of radar detector provides full tilt alerts. You can also change the bands as per your driving location to get alerts from your surroundings easily.

This Radar Detector uses unique voice alerts to provide crystal clear voice alerts and menu options. So, you can keep your eyes on the road without any distractions.

6. Multiple Modes & Warranty

You can select the different modes to alert you from police radars as per your driving location preference. When you are using the Highway, select the Highway mode and if you are driving in the city use the City mode. Also, you can choose the Auto-City mode to automatically let the radar choose the modes. Escort Radar comes with a one-year limited warranty. During this warranty period, if you have any defect in the products consult Escort company. They also provided the Toll-free number to contact.

7. Alert Lamp

Unlike other Radar Detectors, Escort Radar has an alert lamp which glows in different colors to alert you. You can change these colors as per your band indication requirement. It is provided on top of the Detector and has multiple colors like red, green, amber and blue. So, when you are detecting specific bands alert lamp glows independent of display color. But, as red is an intense color use it for a highly noticeable alert on which you definitely have to pay attention.

8. Immunity of Escort Redline Radar Detector

Coming to the Immunity, Escort Radar has Radar Detector Detector immune (RDD) which can’t be detected easily. If you are searching for full stealth and undetectable Radar, then Escort Redline is the best option to choose. Also as it hangs down lower compared to other detectors, the officer running an RDD can’t detect the Escort Radar easily.



  • Manufacturer : Escort
  • Model : 0100030-1
  • Dimensions : 5.5 x 3.1 x 1.4 inches
  • Item Weight : 12 Pounds
  • Color : Black
  • Display Type : Graphic Multi-Color OLED
  • Warranty : 1-Year manufacturer warranty

Escort Redline EX Review

After going through this product details, you can easily conclude yourself to buy the Escort Redline EX Radar Detector. Coming to the Escort Radar Detector reviews by customers are excellent. Also, Escort Radar features and specifications provided for your knowledge of the product.

Compared to other Radars, Escort Redline is one of the highly regarded radar detectors because of its lightning-fast alerts and sensitivity. You can easily install the Escort Redline Ex using the manual. Ez magnet windshield mount makes it simple to attach to your car. Besides all this, you can change the settings of the Radar Detector using the Best of Escort Live App.

Escort Redline EX Radar Detector Features Quick View

Uses Extreme Range-Detection
Updated color OLED display
Updatable IVT filter
Built-in Defender Database
Excellent New magnetic mount
Smart cord with USB port
GPS allows photo enforcement and red light camera alerts
Variable speed sensitivity
Band segmentation for both K band and Ka-band
Dual front antennas maximize sensitivity to al police bands
Immune to Radar Detector Detectors
Unique voice alerts



You can buy Escort Redline EX Radar Detector from Amazon with an extended warranty of one year.


You can program your firmware Escort Redline EX Radar Detector by going to the settings you can even go for the factory setting.


Updating your Escort Redline EX Radar Detector is pretty easy and quick. Follow the steps below to update it-

1. Firstly, using a USB cable make sure to connect your Escort Redline EX Radar Detector to your personal computer.
2. In the official website, you will find a list of product lines by Escort. Search for Escort Redline EX Radar Detector among them.
3. Once you get to that product page, you will be given with the update option using which you can install and update it accordingly.


Yes, the escort redline x Radar Detector comes with a sticky Cup mount


This Escort Redline Radar Detector uses the Auto-Learn Technology for anti-falsing alerts. Multi-color OLED Display with four different color settings to change. Also, it comes with Escort Redline EX Updates to download the up-to-date threat locations by connecting your radar detector to a computer using the USB port. This Radar Detector has unique clear voice alerts for clear communication and menu options. Escort Redline EX for Sale is at Amazon to buy easily at an affordable price. If you are going to buy a Radar Detector choosing the Escort Redline is the perfect option. Also, this Escort Radar Detector Reviews by customers are extremely good.

Escort 01000301 Redline EX Radar Detector image

One of the Best Radar Detector by Escort company to avoid speeding tickets. Escort Redline EX Radar Detector having the built-in Bluetooth technology. It avoids unwanted or false alerts as it has the GPS Lockout system.


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