How Radar Detectors Work

Most of the people, according to my knowledge, after buying a radar detector, have had issues in understanding how to use it. And many of then think that  should I rephrase it- ‘how to use it effectively.’ Some of the people I know even complained about stolen radar detectors and how they have no idea how to retrieve it.

How to use Radar Detectors image
How to use Radar Detectors image

How to use Radar Detectors?

Here we are going to talk about some key points that will help you in understanding your radar detector much better and avoiding those tickets that we always dread about. Let us check out How to use Radar Detectors. 

  1. Be Alert 

In every scenario, we have noticed that after a person has bought a radar detector, he tends to become too confident on the radar detector and starts being very careless in driving. Just because your reader detector can detect every trap in the neighbourhood effectively, that does not mean that you will stop noticing that you are keeping an eye on your speed limit. Therefore, to keep yourself away from getting a costly ticket, always keep an eye on your speedometer as well as the road. A Radar detector can only be as useful while detecting lasers. Still, with technology, we have understood the fact that law enforcement has many other ways of catching you breaking the law. 

  1. Understanding the signal 

This is a common mistake that every new user makes. While driving on the highway, you may receive a weak signal on your radar detector, and you may believe it to be a false signal and ignore it. But after some time, you will receive a strong warning signal and soon enough before you can react and reduce your speed- you will be caught. You can avoid making this mistake by taking every signal seriously and understanding what every different signal means.

  1. Using the correct mode 

There are two modes in every radar detector- the city mode and the highway mode. Keeping your radar detector in the right mode is one of the crucial elements in understanding how to use a radar detector effectively. When you are driving in the City, you need to keep your detector in the city mode as it will reduce the sensitivity of it and also reduces the chance of receiving false alerts now and then. While you are on the highway, keeping your detector on the highway mode will ensure that you have increased the sensitivity of the detector, and it will be able to detect lasers coming from even a weak signal.

Best Place To Mount A Radar Detector

Here, we are going to learn the best place to mount a radar detector. There are various do’s and don’ts towards mountain radar detectors properly and I am going to share all of them with you as tips. 

Why You Should Not Mount It High? 

There are many people, whom I have noticed mounting their radar detector on the windshield. This is the biggest mistake that you can make and I will tell you why. 

  1. Police shoot laser beams are mostly targeted to the car’s number plate or on headlights. If your radar detector is in between the windshield, it will miss the laser beam and you might get caught. 
  2. The state of Minnesota prohibits people from mounting their detector high up in the windshield as according to them, it obstructs the driver’s vision while driving. 
  3. Placing a radar detector in the windshield will also make it vulnerable towards attracting thieves. 
  4. In case your radar detector goes off, it will divert your attention from the road to the windshield and may result in a disaster. 
  5. The police will also notice the radar detector installed in your vehicle, and they won’t appreciate the fact that you are using a countermeasure.

Always Mount-It Low

Now that you know why you should never mount your radar detector high, always make sure that you have installed your radar detector on the dashboard or low in the windshield. Also, you need to make sure that the controls of the detector are within your reach.

How Radar Detector Detects Radar Detectors

A radar detector is a device that can help the user in detecting the presence of a police laser beam. That is used to mark the vehicles going over the speed limit. Nowadays, some radar detectors also come equipped with a technology that can help them identify speed traps. 

A proficient radar detector can detect both speed and distance. To detect the distance between vehicles, the radar device will emit a radio signal in the form of a wave that will bounce back to the device as soon as it encounters an object in its transition. Time taken by the wavelength to travel back and forth to the device is used to calculate the distance from one device to another. 

If the car is travelling towards the device, the distance travelled by the wavelength will be less and the frequency will be more. By using this change in frequency, the detector can measure the speed of the car.


To avoid getting a ticket for spinning, people came up with a Technology called the radar detector. This device was successful in helping most people avoid a ticket or monitor them to stay within the speed limit. But as Technology advancement is unending, the police laser beams have also undergone improvement and now have become capable of detecting even the radar detectors. So various companies have come up with a new brand of detectors called the Invisible radar detector.

This detector is well equipped that it can hide even from the most advanced laser beams. Although only limited products of invisible radar detectors available in the market, still it is an excellent investment. You can stop worrying about receiving a ticket or caught on false charges of speeding with the newly made invisible radar detector.

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