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There are times when man had no idea about the benefits of using vehicles run on wheels, an era when manual labor used to be the primary source of livelihood with sheer muscle strength acting as the monstrous entity fuelling the very existence of humans. Yes! I am talking about the earliest of our ancestors who inhabited this earth thousands of years ago. Soon, use of a rolling wheel to enhance the pace of transporting goods within a short span. 

In this situation, even a minute’s delay may endanger the life of the patient. Wouldn’t it be much easier if the traffic laws were much more flexible in this regard so that you could speed up your car to reach the hospital with 15 minutes at maximum? But, of course, laws are made to be equal for everyone irrespective of their profession. In this situation, a better alternative seems to be able to ride swiftly without being detected by the traffic police. Now, have you ever wondered if at all this is possible? And if so, who or what makes this possible for the general public? This best radar detector reviews article will be based on the entity capable of saving enough time for an individual who happens to be in a rush to reach a designated place without being ticketed by the traffic police for driving above the permissible limits i.e., Radar detectors.

Top 10 Radar Detector Reviews 2020

In 1967, radar detectors were deemed as illegal as per the Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1949 in Europe. Currently, radar detectors are illegal in nearly all countries except Bulgaria, some states of Canada, China, Czech Republic, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, South Korea, Taiwan, UK and US (dependent on specific provisions). In the United States, detectors can be used legally in private vehicles according to the Communications Act of 1934, while these are illegal in public transport as per DOT regulation with certain exceptions. Despite the legalities about the use and ownership of radar detectors in various parts of the world, radar detectors are much in demand in the United States with certain exceptions. 

Uniden R3 Extreme Radar Laser Detector

Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector image

Escort Passport X50 Radar Detector

Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector image

ESCORT IX Laser Radar Detector

ESCORT-IX 12200441 Laser Radar Detector image

Uniden holdings corporation happens to be a Japanese company which deals with the manufacturing and sales of wireless communication technology in general. Uniden Radar Detector become one of the most popular brands manufacturing radios, cordless telephones, television satellites, advanced marine electronics, radio scanners, and last but not least, radar detectors in the present era.

  • Available in two shades- Black & Silver

  • Features 360-degree Digital Signal Processor

  • Programmed with GPS settings and voice alert

  • Red light camera alerts

  • In-built system for muting false alerts

  • Regular updates on location and tracking

  • Speed can be auto-regulated

Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar laser detector is one of the models marketed by Uniden corporations and has been placed in the category of Number 1 Bestsellers for radar detectors with specialized 360 degrees DSP units, GPS tracking, and highly specific radar sensitivity. It is available in two colors, either black or silver. Its special alert system can make the user aware of his location, speed, and keep him safe from the scrutiny of traffic personnel with the help of vocal instructions. The Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector has been tagged as Amazon’s BESTSELLER list for a long time.





Escort Passport 8500 X50 360 Radar Detector is a comparatively cheaper option if the user is looking for much more affordable choices rather than much more expensive radar detectors from UNIDEN. Designated as Red Radar Detector Map 309, PASSPORT 8500 X50 is a lightweight and sleek radar detector, black in the shade, and comes pre-equipped with a travel case and Smart Cord. With an in-built “V tuned” receiver, it is capable of detecting all frequencies and wavelengths of a conventional and instant switch on radar used by police personnel. This best police radar detector is well suited to detect the latest POP radar and X band frequency as well as previously used K and KA bands.

  • Pre-equipped with travel case and Smart Cord

  • Well equipped with 360 degree digital signal processing (DSP) and Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) software to get rid of false alarms

  • V tuned receiver with wider detection range: POP mode, X band, K band and super wide KA band

  • Pre-equipped with ESCORT’s patented Auto-sensitivity mode

  • In-built PASSPORT’s laser sensors and ZR4 Laser shifter

  • Brightness regulation available: Dim, Medium or Maximum brightness options

  • Volume regulation: Mute and Auto-mute facilities

Escort Passport 8500 X50 Black Radar detector has been placed in the category of “Amazon’s Choice” for passport radar detectors. Well equipped with 360 degree digital signal processing (DSP) and Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) software to get rid of false alarms. Available with 3 types of high-resolution meter displays: Standard Bar Graph, Exclusive Expert Meter and Spec Display. Comes with the entire package: Radar detector + red display + Travel case + windshield mount + coiled smart cord + instruction manual and warranty.





ESCORT IX Laser Bluetooth Radar Detector is an extremely long-range detector model manufactured by ESCORT with advanced auto-learn technology, anti falsing technology, IVT filter, etc. It is relatively cheaper compared to UNIDEN goods and has been categorized as “Amazon’s choice” among all escort radar detectors with an in-built OLED display, voice alert facility, integrated Bluetooth software, Smart cord USB port, and auto learn protection.

  • In-built Bluetooth device connected with help of Escort Live app

  • Equipped with voice alerts and speed alerts

  • Display: Multicoloured OLED type

  • Pre-programmed with dual language

  • Batteries required: Lithium ion type

  • Available with Smart cord and EZ Mag Mount

Operating bands: X band 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz, K band 24.150 GHz ± 100 MHz, KA band 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz, Laser 904 nm, 33 MHz bandwidths. Integrated with Intelligent auto learn technology, IVT filter, patented anti falsing technology with GPS tracking. Quite a cost-effective option and more affordable in comparison to Uniden and Cobra radar detectors. ESCORT IX laser Radar detector has been tagged as Best Choice.





Uniden corporations is a leading Japanese company founded by Hideo Fujimoto originally as Uni Electronics Corp in 1966. Currently, it has expanded its wingspan to spread over the entire globe for mass production and marketing of wireless telecommunication devices. Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector is a product devised by Uniden corporations and is considered as an “amazon’s choice” model among the range of all Uniden R1 models.

  • Available in two different shades: black and silver

  • Wider range of radar and laser sensing

  • GPS settings with red light camera alerts

  • Display: O-LED

  • 360 degree digital signal processor

  • In-built voice alert

  • In-built speed alert

  • False signal filters

  • Built-in with automatic muting facility

  • Thus, offers quiet ride settings as per user’s comfort requirements

  • Batteries: Lithium ion batteries

This best budget radar detector is well equipped with 360 degrees digital signal processor and voice alert along with GPS settings, speed regulation settings, and auto mute options. This best Radar Detector comes in two different colors, black, and silver. It is a comparatively lightweight and cheaper model compared to the R3 and DFR7 series manufactured by Uniden. This R1 Extreme long-range best radar and laser detector with 360 degree DSP and voice alert has been placed in top.





Garmin Varia RTL510 Radar tail light is a rear view radar capable of detecting vehicles up to 153 yards or 140 meters away from the user. This tail light offers diurnal visibility up to a mile away with 220 degrees resolution for surrounding awareness of the user’s location. The sophisticated design of RTL510 radar tail light makes it most in demand model for motorcyclists and bicyclists.

  • Equipped with vocal and visual alert system

  • Specialised rear view radar

  • Sleek vertical design useful in bicycles

  • Capable of issuing warning against vehicles approaching from 153 yards away

  • Battery life: 15 hours in flash mode, 6 hours in solid or night flash mode

  • Visibility range: 1 mile

  • Visibility resolution: 220 degree

  • Compatible with wireless Garmin devices

  • Batteries: Lithium polymer type

This best radar detector for the money has been given the place of Amazon’s choice for “Garmin Varia”. Garmin Varia RTL510 Radar tail light designed for bike or cycles is an exclusive product that holds the first position without any doubt. Whenever you are out for a ride, you can keep track of everything. Yes, its include your route, how long are you going, how fast you are going and all.  





Uniden corporations happen to be a Japanese company dealing with the manufacture of wireless communication devices like radios, satellites, cordless telephones, radio scanners, and radar detectors ever since it’s inception in 1966 by Hidero Fujimoto. Known initially as Uni Electronics Corp, Uniden successfully swept over the entire globe with it’s cordless telephones in around 1980s subsequent to which it happens to be one of the leading brands selling radar detectors.

  • Higher bandwidth range of frequency for radar and laser detection

  • Features GPS with in-built alert mechanisms- Red light Camera alert & Speed Camera alert

  • In-built voice alert features

  • In-built speed warning system: MAX

  • Display: Extra-bright OLED with frequency display, current speed, voltage reading, altitude and time

  • Available with dc charger and suction cap for mounting

  • Batteries: Lithium ion type

Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar and Laser Detector is another creation from this company and has been placed in the category of amazon’s choice for Uniden DFR7 type radar sensors. It has a wider range or bandwidth of frequency for radar or laser sensing with ‘ZERO’ false readings or alarms and mute options. It has a sleek and elegant design with operating manual and options which make it easier to operate and manoeuvre. It is the most cost-effective option compared to other Uniden models for the benefits it has to offer. Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar/Laser detector has been promoted to the ranks of “Amazon’s Choice”.





Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar detector has been placed in the ranks of “Amazon’s Choice” for Cobra radar detectors in general. It is well equipped with false filter systems, voice alert facility and OLED display. Besides it is capable of sensing radar and laser signals of a wider range of bandwidth of frequencies as well as up to longer distances. It is exquisitely available in 2 different styles: Cobra RAD 450 and Cobra i-RAD. This best Radar Detector is in-built with both English and Spanish languages.

  • Available in two different styles: Cobra RAD450 & Cobra iRAD

  • Colour: Black

  • Pre-programmed with two languages: English and Spanish

  • Maximum range: 2 miles on open ground

  • In-built voice alert and text alert

  • Pre-equipped with muting as well as dimming options

  • Available with a USB port

 It is pre-equipped with IVT filter TM system aimed at minimising false alerts from unwanted sources. Comes with In-built updateable In Vehicle Technology (IVT) and anti-falsing circuitry for filtering out false alerts from unwanted sources. Equipped with noticeable OLED display, Power button, volume control. Swift detection of radar signals allowing the user to regulate the speed easily. Cobra’s patented IVT filter minimises false alarms by manifolds. Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar detector is a long range detector having been tagged as “Amazon’s Choice” for Radar detectors manufactured by Cobra electronics. Also, it comes with built in radar detector voice and text alerts.





Escort passport S55 High Performance Pro Radar and Laser Detector is the cheapest model available online, and is pre-equipped with DSP, voice alerts, text alerts and high intensity red display. This top rated radar detector has been categorized as “Amazon’s Choice” among Escort Passport S55 series.

  • Colour: Body is Black

  • Display colour: Red

  • Display options: Bar graph, Expert meter and Exclusive Spec Display

  • Pre-equipped with specialised Auto sensitivity mode

  • Long range wavelength detection: X band, K band, KA band as well as POP mode

  • Integrated V tuned receiver, DSP and IVT.

  • In-built voice alerts as well as screen alerts

  • Compatible with ESCORT live

  • Equipped with hassle free Easy mount windshield bracket

  • Batteries required: Lithium ion polymer batteries

It is a compact, sleek model well equipped with power switch, volume controls, brightness control, mute options, sensitivity regulator, mount release and red display. This Wireless Radar Detector provides detection and protection against a wide range of laser and radar bandwidths, including long K range, KA band, and instant on POP mode. Escort Passport S55 High performance Pro Radar and Laser Detector is perfect for your all needs.





Beltronics RX65 Radar detector belongs to the Red Professional Series of Beltronics capable of providing an ultra long range protection against laser and radar signals of various wavelengths and frequencies. It comes within the same price range as Garmin Varia and thus, is another cheap model well equipped with red or blue LED display, Smart  cord and quick release windshield mount.

  • Colour: Body is black

  • Display: Ultra bright 280 LED display, Blue or Red colour both available

  • Bandwidth covered: Full X band, K band, Super wide KA band, POP radar alert

  • Pre-equipped with Shadow technology, GPS, DSP and safety warning systems, Auto scan technology

  • In-built VG 2 immunity

  • Volume regulation with auto mute options

  • Available with Smart Plug power cord

 It encompasses entire X, K, Super wide Ka bandwidths when it comes to radar detection with the help of its DSP and safety warning systems. Besides, associated false alarms are almost eliminated entirely with the help of its Auto scan mode and specialised city or highway modes.





Cobra ESD7570 radar and laser is well equipped with 360 degree DSP, has an ultrabright display facility and safety alert system. It is a lightweight model with sleek and compact design. It has an in-built digital signal strength meter to segregate false radar signals from actual alarms. This FCC compliant model capable of detecting all frequencies is being used in United States and Canada.

  • Display: Ultrabright OLED data display

  • 9 Band detection

  • 360 degree Laser Eye detection

  • Digital signal strength meter

  • City or Highway selection modes

  • Mute or dim options for voice alerts

  • In-built Safety alerts (Cobra’s exclusive transmitters)

  • Well equipped with VG 2 alert

It is available with complete set including the radar detector, suction cup mount, windshield bracket kit, coiled power cord and operating manual. In-built immunity against Spectre I and VG 2. Comes with Hardware availability such as: Radar detector + Suction cup mount + Windshield Bracket kit + Coiled power cord + warranty and operating manual. An efficient device to warn the drivers about imminent accidents with the help of Cobra’s exclusive safety alert facility.





Imagine a scenario!  Suppose, you are a medical intern newly appointed with a patient, a 6 year old female with a severe case of epilepsy who has been put under observation by your senior resident. Your task is to routinely supervise her condition and ascertain that she has no recurrent seizures as well as trace the actual source of the aforementioned symptoms. Now assume that your shift has ended for the day and you are heading home on your bike or car, whichever you own, but you get an urgent call from the hospital with an instruction from your in-charge to report back as soon as possible as the child is having another episode of fits accompanied by blood discharge in saliva. 

You know you are already 50 minutes away from the hospital but you immediately turn around and speed up your vehicle to more than 140 km/hr so that you may reach the hospital within least possible time. Yet, the police detect this anomaly with the help of a radar gun and ask you to pull at the curb and report at the station that instant for breaking a traffic rule. What would you do then? Put the life of your patient at risk for not owning and using a mere radar detector? Quite an intriguing question, isn’t it?


Now this buying guide will provide a justified answer in response to the above case scenario. This buying guide has one sole objective which includes, to explain and clear all doubts pertaining to the use, purchase and legalities behind the ownership of a radar detector and which brand is much in demand in market as of the moment. The use and ownership of a radar detector is steeped in a level of ambiguity so deep that the users must be aware of all those locations where its usage is banned as per law.

A radar detector is a specialised device run on batteries used to sense particular wavelengths of radar so as to not only safeguard the life of the user against imminent causalities from fast approaching vehicles but also to prevent the speed of the user’s own vehicle from exceeding the permissive limits by detecting the signals from the radar guns used by police, thereby preventing the traffic police from penalising the driver.

Mostly emitting technologies like doppler radar or Lidar may be detected with the help of radar detectors. ANPR or VASCAR, being visual techniques are untraceable during daytime but detectable during night time with the help of infrared radiation.

Current modern radar detectors are capable of detecting a wide variety of frequencies including X, K, Ka bandwidth in US. (Ku bandwidth is detectable in Europe.)

Radar detectors are typically used to detect the electromagnetic radiations generated by a radar gun to estimate the actual speed of the moving vehicle by doppler effect. In order to detect these radio waves, radar detectors make use of a superheterodyne receiver which later relays the message to the user so that he or she may slow down if required. Nowadays, added usage of GPS makes it easier for the user to keep a stored database recording the usual patrol stations for the traffic police and thus, avoid getting ticketed.

Presently possession or usage or both of a radar detector is illegal in most countries except Western Australia, Bulgaria, some states of Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan), China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, most states of Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, South Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom and some states of United States. Devices like radar detectors were first deemed illegal under the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1949 in UK. 

In United States, detectors are legal in private vehicles as per Communications Act of 1934 and; illegal in public transport as per DOT regulation, under state laws (Illinois, New York and New Jersey), US Federal law with certain exceptions. Detectors are completely banned in all vehicles in Virginia, Washington D.C. and US military bases. In Minnesota and California, devices needing to be attached on windshield are prohibited completely including radar detectors. Overall 41 states within United States permit the use of radar detectors. Texas, Utah, Virginia, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Minnesota, California, Illinois, Colorado and Tennessee ban the use of laser jammers yet permit the use of radar detectors with the exception of Virginia.

Many analogues have been given emphasis on before to highlight the significance of radar detectors in today’s world where being on time is of utmost essence. Suppose there’s a fire outbreak in a residential set up due to a short circuit. You are the head fire brigadier of the unit stationed at that particular area, but you haven’t started from your own house which happens to be situated about 20 km away. 

Just speeding up your vehicle may help you reach your unit within 5 minutes and help in the abatement of spreading fire and rescuing all inhabitants of that apartment complex and thus, you do so although you never owned a radar detector in your life even once. Fortunately, you traverse through an area less frequented by police on patrol duty and you narrowly escape their radar thereby reaching the place on time and mobilising your brigadiers into action. 

Ultimately, you rescue all the 45 inhabitants from the burning building.  But, are you able to fathom the gravity of the disaster, had you actually been caught by the police and ultimately reached your post late? Not only would you have failed to protect the civilians, but you may have lost your own junior colleagues in the fire who went ahead without proper directions from your end. And all this could have happened extremely easily as you don’t own or use a radar detector at all. Likewise, this exact situation may be curtailed in the near future if you know which radar detector to opt for in your private vehicle.

As per the above discussions pertaining to a radar detector, the following five are the major leading brands selling best radar detectors over United States:

  1.  Garmin Varia
  2.  UNIDEN
  3.  Beltronics
  4.  Cobra
  5.  ESCORT

Garmin Varia is a leading radar detector marketing unit specialising in sales of RTL510 radar tail light designed to be used as a rear view radar detector on motorcycles or bicycles especially. It can exclusively be used by bike racers or travellers on an explorational voyage. It promotes the visibility from such a distance that any chances of mishaps or accidents is drastically reduced.

Uniden Holdings Corporation happens to be a Japanese company in wireless communication industry. They specialise in the production of cordless devices like telephones. They also have an active role in the manufacturing of radar detectors. The most widely sold radar detectors from UNIDEN belong to R1, R3 and DFR7 series. In fact, Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range radar detector happens to be the number 1 BESTSELLER amongst all radar detectors on amazon presently.

Beltronics specialises in the manufacturing of radar detectors with added safety technology and shadow technology, not only to protect the user from imminent accidents but also to provide added protection against radar detector detectors. Beltronics Pro RX65 radar laser and safety detector is the lead selling model which is well equipped with audio-visual alerts, 7 customisable features, travel case and DSP to provide long range detection. In addition it has successfully been integrated with Laser Pro 905 for laser blocking.

Cobra electronics Corporation is responsible for the production of a wide range of electronic goods. Amongst radar detectors, the primarily bought models include Cobra RAD 450 and Cobra ESD7570 radar and laser detectors, both being long range devices well equipped with Cobra’s patented IVT filter, although products from Cobra do happen to be slightly more expensive compared to UNIDEN.

Escort Radar is another brand primarily focussing on the mass scale production of good quality radar detectors. For the last 40 years ever since it’s inception, it has consistently made efforts towards developing upgraded and newer technologies for eliminating false alerts, with the help of ESCORT live app which aids towards better recognition of the source of radar emission from miles away. 

With it’s latest mapping software it was flooded the market with better models for consumers to pursue at affordable prices. Currently, most heavily marketed models include Escort IX, Escort Passport S55 and Escort Passport 8500 X50 series. ESCORT IX happens to be the most highly sold model with a well-equipped Bluetooth system accessible by ESCORT live app.

The user needs to decide which radar detector to purchase based on the following factors:

For individuals with urgent need to reach their work places on time, a radar detector can be an extremely handy tool. For example, for surgeons specialising in trauma care, firefighters when recalled from home during emergencies, nurses dealing with palliative care patients etc.

The user needs to take into account that radar detectors are legal mostly in private vehicles excepting the Virginia and Washington DC. Thus, he or she needs to take into account whether he or she is going to use the detector on a personal vehicle or a commercial one, or if it is going to be used with a car or a two wheeler. For example Garmin Varia will be the best choice, if the user needs a radar detector for his or her bicycle or motor bike.

The user needs to bear in mind that not all states of US permit the usage of radar detector. Rather radar detectors are prohibited in military camps, Virginia and Washington D.C. and thus, if the user is a resident in either of these zones, he or she should refrain from buying a detector altogether unless he or she plans to use it in other states where radar detectors are legal.

Radar detectors can be selected on the basis of bandwidths or frequencies they can successfully detect, be it X band, K band, KA bands or POP modes. Most users need an extremely long range detector to avoid being ticketed.

Added features of radar detector include safety detection as seen in Beltronics radar detector which needs to be used in highways specifically to avoid accidents. Likewise, the use of such detectors in cities can ascertain the safety of the driver by warning him or her about the surroundings.

Obviously, the first and foremost criteria after legal issues, to be seen happens to be if the user can even afford the radar detector or not. Thus, the user must compare all the models and select the most cost effective one.

The user may be a first time user and if so, he or she needs to buy a detector which will not only be easy to install but also much easier to operate while driving.

Not all radar detectors can be mounted on the windshield in one go without falling off on its own. The user needs to compare the radar detectors depending on the ease with which he or she can mount the suction cups as well as the power of the suction cups to maintain the detector in the same affixed position even while the vehicle is running.

What is the point of buying any instrument if it doesn’t last for a significant period of time? The same goes for radar detectors and thus, the user needs to choose the detector with highest warranty period.

Radar detectors are electronic devices used to detect radar technologies like doppler RADAR and LIDAR especially by motorcyclists and drivers so as to monitor the speed of their vehicles before the police or law enforcement authorities penalise them for driving above the permitted limits on the road.

Definitely. Functioning of radar doesn’t depend on if the vehicle is stationary or moving. Rather the radio waves emitted from radar gun are used to estimate the relative and actual speed of the vehicles making use of doppler effect. Hence, moving radar can prove to be more dangerous rather than a stationary one since, they can target speeding vehicles much more easily.

Radar detectors are capable to detecting emitting signals like RADAR emitted by radar guns but they themselves cannot track moving vehicles without the presence of any electromagnetic signals.

As per legal laws and Federal laws, 41 states permit the use of radar detectors while those are banned in Virginia, Washington DC and US military bases. On the other hand, laser jammers have been banned in 10 states: Texas, Utah, Virginia, Oklahoma, South Carolina, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois and Tennessee.

Radar can determine the speed of the moving object applying the laws of physics depending on the size, shape and distance of the moving object from the source of radio waves. Larger vehicles are easier to track even if they are further away by distance from the radar gun.

RADAR and LIDAR work more or less in a similar way with the minute difference that RADAR makes use of radio waves while LIDAR makes use of LASER for speed estimation.

 In 1967, radar detectors were deemed as illegal as per Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1949. Currently, radar detectors are illegal in nearly all countries except Bulgaria, some states of Canada, China, Czech Republic, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, South Korea, Taiwan, UK and US (dependent on certain provisions). In United States, detectors can be used legally in private vehicles according to Communications Act of 1934 while these are illegal in public transport as per DOT regulation with certain exceptions.

It is a given fact that the smaller a room happens to be, the more claustrophobic the inhabitants will feel with the occasional need to take a breather and roam out under the clear blue sky. Similarly, the stricter the laws get, the more inclined the people from the society may get to escape from the binds of the judiciary, governing a particular set up. The same goes with the traffic authority of any country. 

With the rise in the number of vehicles over the past few decades, new rules and regulations started cropping up limiting the speed requirements of the user like penalising the driver with a fee. Of course, these rules were brought into effect as a means of protecting the drivers from road traffic accidents or trauma which is extremely common in urban set up especially if the driver is under influence. Yet, not every time are the drivers that careless. 

Infact, what to do if you are getting late for an urgent meeting?  These are the times when we need to consider how useful radar detectors might turn out to be with their radar sensing software which allow the drivers to navigate through roads without being held up by the police since they can easily regulate their speedometer to drive slower whenever there is an approaching vehicle or a radar gun being pointed at them. Think about the innumerous accidents a radar detector can prevent considering that it can easily trace another approaching vehicle with radar detector and thus, all the vehicles can proceed along the roads in smooth synchronicity with each other.  

Radar Detector Guide