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Uniden LRD950 Radar Detector Review 2020

As sometimes, you may drive faster at some point which brings you a speeding ticket. This speeding ticket is the badest thing that could happen to you which ruins your entire day. So, to avoid this speeding tickets, you can prefer a Radar Detector. Radar Detectors simply detects the Police radars, Red lights, and Speed cameras. Using the Radar Detectors is a perfect choice if you travel a lot by car. Also, this speeding ticket amount depends on your speed of the car and income you gain. To make easy for you Uniden manufactured a Uniden LRD950 Radar Detector.

Uniden LRD950 Review

Always make sure to check the features of a product before buying. Also, with this features of the product, you get to know about the Detailed Description of the product. This makes easy for you to choose it and use. So, for your purpose, I have provided the Uniden LRD950 Laser Radar Detector features and specs. After going through this features of the detector, you can easily conclude yourself to buy the Radar Detector. In Addition to this, Uniden Radar Detector Reviews by customers are excellent. Also, referring the Uniden Radar Detector manuals, you can easily install and maintain the Radar Detector. LRD950 Uniden Radar Detector sale at Amazon, so you can simply order it on Amazon.

Use of the Uniden Radar Detector gives you a Super Long Range Detection. Also, easy to read OLED display and Voice notifications. I have provided you the Uniden Radar Detector LDR950 features and specifications for you to understand the product. In addition to this, Uniden LRD 950 Reviews by customers are good.


  • Built-in GPS
  • OLED Display & Mark Location
  • Filtering & Mode Settings
  • Audible Alerts & POP Mode
  • Immunity & Scan Display
  • Mute Memory
  • Updatable Database & Maintenance
  • Warranty

Uniden LRD 950 Laser Radar Detector comes with Built-in GPS which easily detects the Red lights and Speed cameras. This GPS also used to avoid false alerts from your driving locations. Mostly if you are traveling near the grocery store, you may get the alerts from automatic door openers.

Using the GPS System avoids those false alerts providing only police radar alerts. You can also mark the geographical location, where you always encounter alerts near school zones, traffic areas, etc. So, when you reach this location, Radar Detector will alert you by providing “Mark area ahead” audible alert.

OLED Display of the Uniden LRD-950 is the best feature among other detectors. It is easy to change the brightness modes as per your requirement. Also, this Radar detector makes easy to read even in bright sunlight. Uniden Radar Detector LDR950 comes with two settings which are Dim Mode and Dark Mode.

Unlike other Radar Detectors, you can mark a particular location for a future alert purpose. So, once you enter that region, this Radar detector alerts you by audible alert remembering the mark location.

Coming to the Band filtration of the Radar detector, It has different band settings to operate. As per your requirement, you can change the settings to filter a particular band to alert you. Also, you can turn on/off a particular band regarding the driving location.

Uniden Radar Detector LRD950 has two different mode settings. You can select from Highway Mode or City Mode as per your driving location. So, using these modes, you can simply avoid non-police radar bands encountered in urban areas. This False alerts may come from automatic door openers near the road; you are travelling.

Uniden 950 Radar Detector has voice alerts that are easy to understand. Besides this, Uniden radar detector voice notifies you when you reach a radar and what type of the radar you are reaching (like speed, red light, etc.). Also, with the audible alerts, you can have a safe ride without removing your eyes from the road ahead.

Pop Mode of the Radar Detector can detect short burst from other radars that are too fast for other detectors to catch. So, to detect them, you can turn on the POP mode.

Coming to this feature, Uniden Radar Detectors are undetectable by Spectre-1 and Spectre-4 Radar Detector Detectors. This invisible feature is only found in some expensive Radar Detectors. So, this feature is the standard one in the LRD950 Uniden Radar detector.

Best Radar Detector by Uniden also has Scan display which indicates that it is scanning for signals. Sometimes in the middle of the screen, this dot moves back and forth. You can turn on this display in the menu system.

Using this option, you can simply mute the radar at your required locations. The mute memory of the detector remembers you where you have muted the radar and at what frequency you have muted. Also, the Radar detector mutes the detector, whenever you reach that particular location. Besides this, you can also change the Mute memory settings as per your requirement.

As the LRD950 Uniden Radar detector uses the GPS Technology, it comes with an updatable firmware and database. You can go to the Uniden website for latest firmware updates. Also, this Radar Detector update is easy by going through the LRD950 firmware and database update guide.

You can easily maintain the Uniden LRD- 950 Radar detector as it requires very little maintenance. Also, you can refer Uniden Radar Detector Manuals for the installation process and Maintenace.

Uniden LRd950 radar Detector comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. So, in this period, if you have any complaint regarding the Radar detector return it to the company. The company will make the required repair or replacement of the radar free of charge. Also, you can contact their customer service for further details, using the Toll-free number provided by them.


Specification Name Value
Product Name
Uniden LRD950 Radar Detector
Item model number
Product Dimensions
8.2 x 7 x 2.8 inches
1.4 Pounds
Mounting Style

Uniden LRD950 Radar Detector

LRD950 Uniden has Built-in GPS which avoids false alerts easily. Super Long Range Laser Radar Detection which covers the area for miles to detect the radars. In spite of this, you can also mark the locations where police frequently use radars like school zones, red light cameras, and speed cameras. So, whenever you enter the location, LRD950 Uniden Radar Detector alert you by announcing “user mark ahead.” Uses advanced k band setting for detecting only K band. Another top feature is that it warns you for Max speed. Easy to read OLED Display along with signal strength display provided in it.

Uniden LRD950 Laser Radar Detector also has Mute Memory and Voice Notifications to alert from radars. In Addition to this features, Uniden Detector has undetectable Spectre-1 and Spectre-4 Radar Detector Detectors. However, LRD950 Uniden Radar Detector Power Cord has Fuse protection and LED light along with it. Installation and maintenance are easy using the Uniden LRD950 Manual. This Radar Detector includes DC charging cable, suction mount, and a carrying case.


  • Built-in GPS along with Super Long Range Radar/Laser detection
  • Voice Notifications and OLED Display
  • Spectre-1 and 4 undetectable and 360-Degree laser protection
  • X, K, Ka, and Wide Ka-band detection
  • Signal Strength Meter Display (Current Speed, Compass, Vehicle Battery Voltage, Altitude, and Clock)
  • Maximum Speed Warning System and Dim/Dark Display Settings
  • Updatable Software with Quick release suction mount
  • Two Different Modes (Highway mode and City Mode)
  • Alerts on marked location and Audio and Visual alert mode
  • Comes with Suction mount, Carrying case, and DC charging cable
  • Auto on/off system and Battery warning system
  • Manual and Auto mute modes


  • Uniden Super Long Range Radar/Laser Detection
  • Built-in GPS Technology to detect the Red lights and Speed cameras
  • Mute Memory to mute the unwanted alerts all the time
  • Highway Mode and City Mode to easily detect the radar bands in different locations
  • Uniden Radar comes with Updatable Firmware and Database
  • Very clear audible alerts
  • Also, Uniden Radar Detector has manual and auto mute modes to operate
  • Immune to Spectre-1 and Spectre-4 Radar Detector Detectors


  • No Bluetooth option Provided in the Uniden Detector
  • Radar Detector By Uniden has no directional arrows

Bottom Line

Thinking of buying a Radar Detector, then choose the Uniden Radar Detector which is the Best radar among others. Uniden Radar alerts you from police radars as well as speed cameras. Built-In Radar Detector GPS is the Extraordinary feature of the detector. Through this GPS Technology, you can also mark the particular locations for future alerts. Also, Uniden Radar Detector provides you super long-range radar detection. In addition to this, another feature is that you can use Mute Memory to mute the radar in an area which later mutes itself, whenever you reach that location.

Uniden LRD950 Radar Detector comes with an updatable firmware and database. You can easily install and maintain the detector using the Uniden Radar Detector manuals. Also, it has Excellent Uniden LRD 950 Reviews by customers. So, choosing the Uniden Radar Detector is a perfect choice among other detectors.

Compared to other detectors, Uniden Radar has Super long-range Radar Detection. Built-in GPS to alert from speed cameras and red lights. Mark location feature for future alerts. High sensitivity to alert you from long distance radars.

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