Uniden R3 Built-in GPS Radar Detector – Now experience the unsurpassed range!

Uniden R3 Radar Detector Review 2023

Are you tired of getting pulled over by the police cars for increasing the speed limit? Then use the Radar Detector in your car. Radar Detectors make it easy to detect Police radar guns. Also, using the Radar, you can avoid your speed automatically through the audible alerts. In addition to this, some radars also detect speed cameras as well as red lights. With this in mind, Uniden Manufactured a Brand New Uniden R3 Radar Detector. This Radar Detector has GPS Technology that detects speed cameras and red lights easily.

To make it easy to understand the Radar Detector, I have provided you the features and specifications. Also, the Uniden R3 is one of the top Radar Detector preferred by many car users. Uniden R3 Reviews by many of the customers are magnificent. So, if you want to buy the detector, you can go through the customer reviews to assure yourself.

Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Laser Detector for Sale

When it comes to Uniden R3 Detector, it is the top of the line radar with its GPS Technology. You can mark the geographical locations of a specific threat, using the GPS. These places can be school zones, speed cameras, and traffic signal areas where police frequently monitor traffic. 360-Degree laser protects you from the front and rear police laser guns. DSP of the Uniden R3 detector avoids false alerts intelligently. Voice alerts make it easy to alert from threats while driving. Also, these voice notifications provide individual alerts for every Radar or laser alert.

OLED Display shows the signal strength and vehicle battery voltage. One of the best features of the Uniden Radar Detector R3 was that it is immune to Spectre I and IV. So, most of the police Radar Detector Detectors (RDD), cannot detect your Radar. In addition to all this, the Uniden Radar Detector comes with a maximum speed warning system. User set speed auto-mute mode enables the Radar Detector to quiet ride. Uniden R3 Amazon sale provides you the suitable price where you can easily buy. Besides this, Uniden Radar Detector Reviews by many customers gives you a positive impact on the detector.


  • Suction Cup Mount & K and Ka-band False Filter
  • User Marks
  • Mute Memory & User Speed Limit
  • Warranty
  • Extreme Radar Sensitivity
  • Built-In GPS Technology
  • OLED Display & Immunity of the Uniden R3 Detector
  • Mute and AutoMute Modes

1. Suction Cup Mount & K and Ka-band False Filter

You can mount the Uniden Radar Detector R3 on the windshield easily. Also, it has single and double suction mount cups, making it easy to mount the Radar. Always make sure to mount the Radar Detector in the middle of your car.

These bands filter noise from particular brands to avoid false alerts. Through this feature, you can avoid further disturbances from the Radar. Also, the detection range increase due to these false filters.

2. User Marks

With the Uniden R3 Radar Detector, you can mark a specific location where most police radars are used. These places include school zones, red lights, and the places where police monitor the traffic. To set the mark location, you can press the MRK button once you reach that location. As a result, the detector provides you an alert and display when you reach that specific location. It displays a prompt message showing the “User Mark Ahead” alert.

3. Mute Memory & User Speed Limit

Uniden Radar Detectors provides you the Mute mEmory option to store false alerts. Using the GPS, the Uniden radar Detector will store the alert through the frequency and location of the threat you muted. In addition to this, the Radar Detector will mute the Radar when you reach that particular location.

Uniden Speed Radar Detector helps you to avoid over-speed. If you set a speed limit through the menu, the Radar will alert you whenever you cross that limit. Besides this, it also announces and displays the over-speed limit.

4. Warranty

Uniden R3 warranty is of one-year only that too limited. So, in this period, if you have any complaints regarding the detector, return it to the company. Uniden provided their address for the repair or replacement of the Radar. Also, if you have any further doubts about the Uniden Radar R3, you can refer to the Uniden Radar Detector Manuals.

5. Extreme Radar Sensitivity

Uniden r3 range laser Detector provides you an extremely long-range radar detection. Optional three Radar sensitivities are provided for the specific driving locations. Highway mode to detect the maximum detection ranges on the highway or open areas. City and city 2 modes to detect the radars while driving at cities. These two modes are used to reduce the sensitivity to avoid false alerts. As a result, you can increase or decrease the sensitivity as per your driving location preference using these modes.

6. Built-In GPS Technology

Radar Detector Uniden GPS helps you to avoid unwanted radar threats. You can also upgrade the GPS to detect the speed cameras and red lights. As in some places, police frequently monitor traffic and like school zones where many cameras are installed by police to avoid traffic. GPS also marks the locations where you avoid some unwanted false alerts. This GPS remembers them and avoids whenever you reach that specific location. These places may include grocery stores that use automatic door openers, which provide false alerts.R

7. OLED Display & Immunity of the Uniden R3 Detector

Uniden R3 Radar Detector OLED display makes it easy to read the alerts. It provides you the information regarding your Uniden r3 settings. generally, the Uniden R3 Radar provides the speed, band type, voltage, and status area. So, whenever you change the settings, the Uniden Radar Detector changes the display settings.

Many of the Radar Detectors on the market doesn’t come with immunity. But the Uniden R3 Radar is undetectable to Spectre I and IV. So, the police, Radar Detector Detectors, cannot find your Radar. With this ability, you can have tension free drive.

8. Mute and AutoMute Modes

Like all other Radar Detectors, this Uniden Best Radar Detector has Mute and AutoMute Mode. While driving, you can mute the Radar using the Mute button. The AutoMute Mode will reduce the volume to VOL 1 after three seconds of the alert. Besides this, Uniden R3 will end the AutoMute after 10 seconds of the alarm.



  • Manufacturer : Uniden
  • Model : R3DSP
  • Product Dimensions : 8.3 x 7.1 x 3.2 inches
  • Item Weight : 4.8 ounces
  • Color : Black
  • Model : R3
  • Warranty : One-Year Limited Warranty

Uniden R3 Review – Top Rated Radar Detector you must Buy

Use of the Radar Detectors became a must for everyone who mostly uses their cars for traveling. These Radar Detectors alert you from the police radar guns as well as the speed cameras. Also, you can avoid the speeding tickets by the use of this Radar Detectors. Coming to the Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Detector, it is the topmost recommended Radar Detector by everyone. Uniden R3 Laser Radar Detectors provide you the GPS Technology, DSP, Crystal clear OLED Display with voice notifications, and Undetectable Spectre I and IV.

All these Car Radar Detector features make your detection effective through which you can avoid your speed. Also, Uniden company provides its customers with good support regarding the Radar Detector. To assure yourself about buying this detector, you can go through the customer Uniden r3 extreme review. Buy Uniden R3 for the best price on Amazon.

UNIDEN R3 EXTREME LONG RANGE Laser/Radar Detector Key Features

  • Super Long Range Radar/Laser Detectio0n
  • Clear Voice Notifications along with OLED display
  • Immune to Spectre I and IV and free GPS updates
  • GPS Technology to detect speed cameras and red lights
  • K-band and Ka-band false filters
  • Enables quiet ride on user set Speed AutoMute mode
  • Front and Rear laser Protection
  • Single and Double Suction Cup Bracket Included
  • DSP and Mark Location Included
  • Optional Brightness and Automate mode
  • Selectable Sensitivity Modes (Highway, City, and City 2 Modes)
  • One-year Limited Warranty



A Uniden R3 Radar Detector cost starts from $400.


You can purchase a Uniden R3 Radar Detector online from Amazon electronics.


Uniden R3 Radar Detector is the best Radar Detector at the moment. It can be the best thing because it is straightforward, reliable, and affordable.


The Uniden R3 Radar Detectors’ entry does not claim to be undetectable by Spectre models. However, the tests that are conducted have proven that it can do so even with the Spectre Elite. The results have not been consistent.


Uniden R3 Radar Detector avoids false alarms by setting specialized city selections. These settings will help in avoiding specific bands in the area that are unspecific to police areas.


Uniden R3 Radar Built-In GPS, DSP, Long Range Radar Detection, Front and Rear Laser Detection, and the False Filters make it the best radar detector. Compared to other Radar Detectors, Uniden Radar Detector R3 features are extraordinary. In addition to all this, the Radar’s price is cool, among other radar detectors. This Uniden R3 for Sale at Amazon at an affordable price. Yes, Uniden r3 price is not at all high. You can easily conclude yourself to buy the detector by going through the Uniden Radar Detector Review by customers. At last, you can refer the Uniden Radar Detectors Manuals for th installation process and maintenance. Choosing the Uniden R3 Extreme Radar is the perfect option to avoid speeding tickets.

Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector image

Uniden R3 EXTREME LONG RANGE Laser/Radar Detectordetects all police radars/lasers easily. It also detects red lights and speed cameras through GPS Technology. Specter I and IV are undetectable. The Uniden R3 Radar Detector Review by the majority of the customers give you a positive impact.


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