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Uniden R7 Review 2020

This world is filled with technology and automobiles. It is adventurous to drive a fast car on the highway, but it also becomes important to keep ourselves safe. It’s Not only from accidents but also from the costly Speed tickets. Most speed lovers are now getting caught red-handed by the beam spread on the patch of the road to track over-speeding drivers. Radar is an electronic device used by a motorist as well as police to detect the over speeding vehicles. To protect oneself from such errands, one may install this Best Uniden Radar Detector that can help us in advance by warning us of the upcoming signals.

Uniden R7 GPS Radar Detector Details

It also helps in detecting the speed that can be reduced by the motorist before getting caught for speeding. For police, this device helps in shooting a beam on a specific section of road to monitor the same effectively. These beams are a frequency of capturing the driver. This radar shoots a beam that hits the object and returns to the source to check which frequency was breached. It helps police keep a check on speed hat on the objects that don’t follow with instructions. Let’s know about the best radar and laser detector by Uniden R7 Review, and explore its features. The Uniden GPS Radar Detector will help you and warn you from quite a distance. The Colorful iconic OLED display makes it easily readable even while driving. Its modern graphical representation of the signal strength in the form of meter bars are easy to interpret at a glance of the eye.

Uniden R7 Extreme Long Range Radar Detector Features

The Uniden R7 laser and radar detector is capable of detecting extreme long-range signals of various broadbands. It will let you receive the warning signals quite well in advance giving you time to decide while driving. It is capable of detecting radars like gun radar. Police radar and laser signals on the roads. It can also detect the Ka-band of signals.

The in-built GPS helps for correct navigation and also detects important landmarks and alerts for places like school zone, frequent police monitoring zones and traffic areas. The GPS also lets you mark the standard radar transmitting zones where you frequently happen to visit. Uniden Radar Detector Update will help to auto-update its GPS system by connecting it to the PC, thus keeping it up to date.

The auto-learn feature of Uniden long range radar and laser detector can discover the frequently travelled or previously travelled routes and the positions of the radar and laser signals on such roads. Also, the auto-mute function helps to shut off the alarm sound and voice alerts and simply show the warnings and messages on the display screen. This way, you can prevent the unnecessary disturbance.

The Uniden R7 laser detector comes with dual antennas mounted on its body which are responsible for receiving signals from all the sides of the road. It can detect front signals and rear signals that are coming from behind from the mobile police radars. This Uniden GPS Radar Detector will save you from all sides as it cover 360 range.

It comes with a powerful voice alert system that will guide you with the necessary voice commands about the warnings and signals. It also notifies what type of signal detected, its strength and direction of the signal for a better judgement.

This powerful Uniden R7 radar detector can detect the red-light camera signals as well as the speed limiting camera signals. It will also detect your current speed and will warn if your vehicle over speeds and crosses the permissible limit of the speed. Thus, it will save you from the costly tickets for speeding and also saves you from any accidents.

The Uniden R7 laser and radar detector come with a bright-coloured OLED display that will show all the bands detected, its strength and direction. It works well when you have an auto-mute function on or driving at night. The color code for different signals also helps to read out the warnings at once.

Uniden Radar Detector R7 Specs

Specification Name Value
Product Dimensions
3.86 * 4.81 * 1.38 inches
Product Weight
1.9 pounds
Item model number
Bands detection
K band, Radar and laser
Number of antennas
2 – Front and Rear
Display screen type
Easy-to-read OLED Display
Voice Alerts
Frequency Range
X, K, And Ka Band
Arrow Direction
Speed Warning System





Does the Uniden R7 display the speed limit or just your current speed?

Yes, the Uniden R7 displays the speed limit and also your current speed.

Is the Uniden R7 undetectable by the police?

Uniden R7 is not entirely undetectable in all situations, but it may go in the undetectable zone sometimes.

Does the Uniden R7 come with a car visor clip?

 Yes, Uniden R7 comes with a car visor clip.

Can you update the Uniden R7 with a smartphone?

 Yes, we can update the Uniden R7 with a smartphone by plugging it with the help of a cable or connecting via Bluetooth

Does Uniden R7 Radar Detector comes with a charging cord?

Yes, the Uniden R7 comes with a charging cable and an update cable to be connected to PC.

Does this Uniden R7 radar detector detect signals from behind the vehicle?

Yes, the Uniden R7 radar and laser detector can detect signals from all four sides with the help of its two
suction cups. Thus, you can receive threat signals from the front, behind and on both sides.

Final Words

One of the good radar detectors that is accompanied with its charging cable provided, you can quickly charge up. You can also connect with a USB cable that can be connected to a PC for GPS update. Using Best Police Radar Detector – Uniden R7 will help you prevent yourself from the cops and can not get caught. The Uniden R7 Long Range Radar Detector gives you a Heads up based on your speed and helps you know whether your vehicle can be targeted or not. This feature will help you to maintain speed and enjoy a long ride with this Best Cheap Radar Detector. You get 360 degrees wide protection from the signals with its dual antennas. It can also detect the speed camera and red – light camera. It will warn you if you exceed the speed limit. So, if driving with speed is something you are interested in, then this Uniden R7 Xtreme Long Range Laser Detector is best suited for you.

The Uniden R7 radar and laser detector with its dual antenna provide all round signal detection and safety. It can also detect over speeding and speed cameras and saves you from speed ticket. Its voice alert will smartly guide you for the signals and its strength and direction in advance. It is the best radar detector that can also detect laser and Ka-band signals, gun radar and police radar.

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