Valentine 1 Radar Detector – Gives 360° Protection against all Laser types!

Valentine One Radar Detector 2023

Everyone loves speed, especially when you are using cars. You like to increase the speed, but you fear whether you are followed by any police cars. The police may provide you a speeding ticket for breaking the law. So, to enjoy the ride and avoid these speeding tickets, use a Radar Detector. These Radar Detectors give you the freedom to relax and to ride with confidence. Also, the speeding ticket amount increase depending on your income. So, to avoid these tickets, Valentine introduced a new Valentine One Radar Detector. These Radar Detectors make it easy for you to drive as they avoid speeding tickets as well as speed cameras.

Coming to the Valentine 1 Detector, it gives 360-degree protection from all laser signals. So, using this Radar, you can simply avoid all laser signals from police lasers. Directional Arrow indication is the highlight of the Valentine Radar Detector. With this feature, you can easily know where the signals are coming. I have provided you the features and specifications of the detector for your understanding purpose. Besides this, Superb Valentine 1 Radar Detector Review by customers.

All About Valentine One Radar Detector

The Valentine Radar Detector is the highest performing radar detector, among others. Valentine Radar uses the multiple-radar antennas to detect the threats on all sides. Where one is the forward antenna, and the other one is the rear-facing antenna. Using these antennas, Radar effectively tells you the bands and strength of the radar signals. Valentine 1 Radar Detector also indicates you from where the signals are coming using the directional arrows. Valentine also displays the number of bogeys or the radar units detected in addition to these features.

Instead of Valentine Detectors’ super high-performance, it will never become obsolete. Also, it comes with upgradable hardware and software for older versions by Valentine (charges may apply). For the installation process and maintenance, you can refer to the Radar Valentine One manual. Also, excellent Valentine One Radar Detector Review by customers. So, if you choose the Valentine One Detector, then you are in good hands with the same detector for the rest of the life. Valentine Radar Detector Amazon with the best price, so you can simply order it online.


  • 360-Degree Laser Detection & Concealed Display
  • Directional arrows
  • Front And Rear Antennas
  • Sensitivity
  • Traffic Monitor Filter
  • Volume Control & Alert Tone
  • Mounting & Warranty

1. 360-Degree Laser Detection & Concealed Display

Using the Valentine V1 Radar Detector, you can comfortably detect the Police radars. Also, you can avoid these lasers from other radar sources. Valentine 1 Radar avoids lasers from the front, rear and sides. So, you can have a comfortable ride without any disturbances from the police lasers.

Valentine 1 Radar concealed display makes it less noticeable to other cars. So, this allows you to operate the Radar with its lights blacked out. Yet, Valentine Radar gives a fully operational display module down in your car, where this detector is not visible.

2. Directional arrows

One of the best features of the Valentine One Radar Detector is its directional arrows. Directional arrows indicate you from where the signals are coming. It has three different arrow indicators to tell indicate you from which the directions are detecting. Upside arrow indicates the forward signals, and the downside arrow indicates the rear signals.

In between these arrows, there’s another arrow to indicate signals from either side. With this arrow indicators, you can simply know where the signals are detecting. Sometimes police use radar guns behind trees, which are hard to detect by you. So, using the Valentine Radar Detector, you can detect those radar guns without any effort.

3. Front And Rear Antennas

Unlike other Radar detectors, Valentine Radar Detectors uses front and rear antennas. These Antennas make it easy for you to detect signals from police radar guns: Valentine Radar antennas- one located in front and the other at the back.

Valentine 1 Radar is unique because most of the detectors have a single antenna provided in front only. So, this front antenna alerts you from upcoming threats. And, the rear antenna alerts you from the threats that are approaching from behind the car.

4. Sensitivity

Valentine One V1 Radar Detector detects all four bands: X, K, Ka, and Superwide Ka-band. Compared to other radars, it can easily detect all radars where other detectors fail to detect. You can select these bands in instant-on protection mode. Valentine Radar Detector also detects photo radar easily, which consists of K and Ka-band.

You can also set this sensitivity mode to All-Bogeys, Logic, or Advanced Mode. In Bogeys mode, Valentine Radar detects all threats instantly alerts you as soon as possible.

In Logic Mode, the Valentine 1 Radar computer decides the threat level. It will alert you by “Mute Volume” or by “initial” volume as per the threat level. This alert happens before you reach the radar range.

In Advanced Logic Mode, the computer will not report you on X-band. Because as per the computer, the X-band will not come under radars. So, if you are in metro areas, this mode helps you to detect strong signals.

5. Traffic Monitor Filter

As the traffic increases, police use a traffic monitor system, which causes more false alarms to Valentine 1 Radar. To avoid this problem, you can turn on the Traffic Monitor Filter. So, to avoid this Traffic Monitor Filter, make sure the detector is activated. When this Traffic Monitor Filter is enabled, K-band and POP Radar are switched off. So, to retain the factory settings, if the system doesn’t operate in your area.

6. Volume Control & Alert Tone

Valentine 1 Radar comes with two controls over which you can have complete control. The control knob sets the “initial volume” of the Radar. Once you get a threat, you can reduce the volume. Also, you can mute the Radar using the lever behind the knob.

Valentine Radar Detector provides different tones for every band detection. Like for X-band, a ‘Beep’ is provided, for K-band, a ‘Brap’ is provided, and so on. If multiple threats are detected, the Radar will always monitor a great threat.

7. Mounting & Warranty

It is best to mount the Radar Detector high in the windshield towards the center of the windshield pillars. You can use your selectable windshield and visor mounts. To make the mounting easy, you can prefer the Valentine One Manual.

Valentine One Radar Detector comes with a one-year limited warranty. During this period, if you have any complaints regarding the Radar, consult the company’s customer service. Also, if you feel any difficulties about the detector, contact the company’s customer service through the Toll-Free provided in the manual.



  • Manufacturer : Valentine
  • Model : V1
  • Dimensions : 6 x 2.5 x 4 inches
  • Item Weight : 10.6 ounces
  • Color : Black
  • Display Type : LED
  • Warranty : One-Year Limited Warranty

Valentine 1 Radar Review

Whenever you buy a Radar Detector, check the features of that detector to understand easily. With the features of the product, you will get a detailed description of the product. So, through this, you can use the Radar easily without any issues. Also, the features make it easy to choose the particular product, among others. With this mind, I have provided the Valentine One Radar Detectors features and specifications for your understanding purpose. Also, Valentine Radar will never become obsolete. So, you can easily choose this detector, compared to other Radar Detectors.

Valentine Radar Detector for Sale at Amazon, so you can easily order it online. With this Valentine Radar Detector, you’ll be in good hands for the rest of the life. In addition to this, Valentine Radar Detector Price is good for a product like this. Besides this, a majority of the customers stated their opinions in the Valentine One Radar Review.

Coming to the Valentine One Radar, it is worth your investment. This detector easily surpasses your expectation of accuracy and range. Also, the Valentine 1 Radar directional arrows are the best feature not found in any of the detectors on the market. It easily avoids all laser signals providing you the 360-degree protection. Compared to other Radar Detectors, it also displays the number of Bogey to alert you quickly. Front and Rear antennas provide you the front and back protection by detecting the radars. In addition to these features, the Valentine Radar Detector also has Traffic Monitor Filter to detect all traffic signals.

Quick View on Valentine One Radar Detector

  • X, K, Ka, and Superwide Ka-band detection
  • 360-Degree Laser Protection to avoid police lasers
  • Forward and Rear antennas
  • Ku band detection
  • Directional Arrow indicators
  • Super High-Performance
  • Effectively displays band and strength of the radar signals
  • Displays number of Bogeys
  • Windshield mounted detector on the market
  • Traffic Monitor Filter
  • The Brown-Out Booster maintains the voltage during the brief sags
  • Concealed Display of Valentine detector makes it less noticeable to other radars
  • Instant-On Radar Detector
  • One-Year Limited Warranty



You can buy the Valentine One Radar Detector from Amazon electronics.


Follow the steps below to reset Valentine One Radar Detector-

1. Press and hold the control knob until the first arrow illuminated to return all programming features to the factory default.
2. Now press and immediately release the control knob to exit the software version display.


V1 Gen2 is the latest version available for a Valentine One Radar Detector.


The Valentine One Radar Detector is the highest performing Radar Detector available on the market which is equipped with military chip radar technology that usually targets for longer ranges.


If you want to buy a radar where you will be in good hands for the rest of your life, Valentine One Radar is the best option. So, you can easily choose this Radar Detector among other detectors on the market. Also, Valentine Radar Detector Reviews are magnificent by customers. Valentine One Radar Detector for Sale at Amazon, so you can easily buy the Radar. Besides all this, according to Radar Detector Valentine One price, this is a suitable one for the price.

Valentine One V1 Radar Detector image

Valentine One Radar super high-performance detects all radars easily. Also, this Radar Detector will never become obsolete. So, you can upgrade your detector where you will be in good hands for the rest of your life.


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