All about Radar Detector – Why we need & How they work?

What is a Radar Detector? A radar detector is a legal device that anyone can keep this in his or her car.  These detectors are good at telling you about the police or some other law enforcement officer is monitoring your speed in front. Most of the radar detectors are used so that the drivers will reduce the speed of the car before facing the ticketed for speeding or worse, points on the license.

What is a Radar Detector?

The purpose of a radar detector is to identify the unseen radar waves in the air which are used to find the speed measurements of your vehicle. When the radar detector encounters the unseen radar waves, then it will present you with a visual alert and audio so that you can take a decision for what to do with the given information. A radar detector is not only helpful in preventing the speeding tickets but when used properly you can even get aware of radar emitting hazards on the road in front such as law enforcement officers, construction zones.

What is a Radar Detector image
What is a Radar Detector image

Why we need Radar Detector?

The design of radar detector used by the military varies from those carried in the car for the green light to speed, but they use the same radio waves in the direction of missiles and to detect the speed, both in air and under the water. Radar Detector is also used to map and predict the weather patterns. If you are kind of driver that is you are never in hurry and never late to go anywhere and correctly observes all the speed limits and never get impatient with some other driver, then you probably do not require radar detector.

Radar Detector helps in knowing where the speed straps are and when the police enforcing those speed limits with laser or radar. It is generally defined in three technologies. First one commodity detector those which are designed with cheapest components and cheapest labor in order to offer you with very, very low price. These detectors have very low reliability, false alarm and are virtually useless. The next technology is designed with high-quality components, good manufacturing technique, and strict engineering design.

These detectors widely vary in performance and the price may be above $200. The last technology is designed with most advanced electronics which are expensive to produce and design and they offer the best performance with least compromise. A radar detector is not so necessity unless if you are an aggressive driver. If you are an aggressive driver then you need a radar detector and try to invest a bit more and get the best one which will be useful for you.

What you should know about Radar and radar detector?

Are radar detectors legal?

Radar detectors are fully legal to use in non-commercial vehicles in almost 49 states. Only two states of US like Virginia and Washington currently banned the use of radar detector. Radar detectors are not legal to utilize in commercial vehicles.

How Do Radar Detectors work?

Radar detectors work just like a radio tuned to microwave frequencies. Radar is easy to understand with the example of the flashlight. Think that a guard is performing his security duty at night. From hundreds of yards away distance we can be able to see his progress in searching back and forth in dark, yet he cannot see us. In fact, the guard can even turn his flashlight on us but still, he cannot see us.

How Do Radar Detectors work image

Because for us to visible to the guard there must be some sufficient light reflected on our clothing and should return to his eyes before he could see us. Notice that we can always see the flashlight even though the guard cannot see us. This is because we only need a small amount of light from flashlight to see in the dark. That is we have the advantage.

A good radar detector also works in the same way. From a far distance and from any direction, it can identify the energy from a radar gun. But the radar gun can never see us until it comes much closer to us. Same as we are able to see the flashlight of the guard from a far distance though he cannot see us, the radar detector has an advantage that is we can be able to see the radar gun from any distance and any direction before the officer sees us.

Generally, radar guns operate on three 3 bands that are X band, Ka-band and k band. X band has become obsolete and almost all the radar guns manufactured newly can so operate on new K and Ka-band. So good detector should have the capability of receiving this newer technology.

Does Radar Detector really work?

It works absolutely; Escort radar detectors are sophisticated receivers which are designed to detect the presence of radar at a greater distance.

Escort detectors can receive the signals well before the transmitted signal bounce away its object and then return to the transmitter.

How many radar bands are present?

Bands of Radar detectors image

There are 3 radar bands which are governed by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and radar bands are:

Actual frequencies:

  • X band (10.525 GHz)
  • K band (24.150 GHz)
  • Ka-band (33.4-36.0 GHz)

Do radar detectors are easy to use?

Yes, radar detectors are easy to use that they are ready to take out of the box and Just plug in and drive or else you can even customize them to match your particular driving needs.

Which radar detector is right?

It is very easy to select your specific driving style and then match the radar detector which is correct for you.

Driving Style1

Car Enthusiast: it is defined as the art of driver and machine as one; that is from sporting to speed, passion about performance, open road thrill seeker.

Commuter: regularly running for work, hectic road and always need to be on time.

Matching radar detector:

Conventional Windshield Mount: the people with high performance driving and continuously requires contact reliability. Corded radar detector that is powered by vehicles +12V accessory socket will give you the most dependable and high rated performance of any available model. The corded detector combines the comprehensive chosen features with high performance designed to help you in overcoming the urban attack.

Driving style2

Business travelers: who travels from city to city and never in the same place twice.

Multiple car owners: always changing the car depending on the favorite car.

Matching radar detector:

Cordless Windshield Mount: Don’t know in which city you will be for next days? Else, always changing the favorite car, or you won’t be in the same car for the second time. Means, you require portable convenience then the answer for this is Cordless radar detector, powered with batteries and can be carried wherever you go without any trouble of cord.

Which is the best brand?

It is very important to understand the difference between the good radar detector and the cheaper one. Like any other technology you rely on, your level protection will depend on the technology you choose. The cheaper radar will not protect you from all the forms of radar gun and laser gun situations. So it is better to choose the available best technology radar.

Where to place?

For maximum performance, lawns need radar detector which should be placed a level up on the windshield. So, you will have a clear view of the road.

How much to spend on purchasing a radar detector?

It all depends on the individual investment. But in order to get fully protected from all the forms of radar and laser threats, you need to spend the more amount.

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