Whistler CR93 Laser/ Radar Detector – Detects all Radar Guns used these days!

Whistler CR93 Laser/Radar Detector 2023

Excessive speeding became the top reason for most of the accidents. 90 percent of all licensed people speed in their driving career, and 75% people regularly commit this speeding. During this speeding, you forget about the speed limit of your driving. Later, you see the red and blue lights stopping you for over-speed. This speeding ticket is the worst feeling you ever have. So, you can use the Radar Detector to avoid police radars and speeding tickets. Whistler company manufactured a Whistler CR93 Radar Detector for avoiding these speeding tickets.

Check the features of the Radar Detector before buying, for its good performance. Also, you can easily buy this Whistler Detector on Amazon at an affordable price. This Whistler Radar Detector has the best features which avoid police radars and speed cameras. So, let’s check out the features and specs of the detector.

Whistler CR93 Radar Detector Overview

Whistler Radar Detector gives high performance and has internal GPS to avoid false alerts. This GPS also alerts you from Red lights and speed cameras. Whistler Radar Detector uses Radar Signature ID (RSID), and Laser Signature ID (LSID) to detect the radars. Also, Whistler Radar detector uses Bilingual blue OLED display and Bilingual real voice alerts. Radar Detector Uses the pop mode detection to alert you from Police Radars. Total laser detection gives you 360-degree angle protection by front, rear and side views detection.

In addition to all these features, Whistler CR93 Laser/Radar Detector uses windshield mounting. Auto dim/ dark mode to set the display regarding your preference. Coming to the specific mode of the Radar Detector, it uses the Highway mode, City mode, and Auto-City mode. Selectable vehicle battery saver to save the battery life. You can also select the tone alerts as per your choice. For installation process and warranty details, you can refer Whistler Radar Detector manual. You may also refer CR93 Whistler Radar Detector Reviews in below sections. Latest Updates on Whistler Radar Detector can be available in www.radardetectorguide.com


  • FDSR and TFSR
  • Easy Filtering & Internal GPS
  • Intellicord
  • Total Laser Detection & Multiple Modes
  • Bilingual Voice Alerts & Satellite Lock
  • RSID & LSID of Whistler CR 93
  • Updatable Databases & POP Mode Alerts
  • Audio/Visual Alerts & OLED Text Display
  • Windshield Mounting & Power/Volume Control

1. FDSR and TFSR

Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection (FDSR), and Traffic Flow Sensor Rejection (TFSR) used to avoid nuisance alerts operated on police radar frequencies. When you turn on TFSR, it eliminates alerts from specific Traffic Flow Sensors. When FDSR turned on, it identifies all radar bands based collision avoidance system, as this radar operated similarly to police radar. In spite of this, Radar-based sensors installed to assist lane change, blind spot detectors, and collision avoidance systems. These sensors also provide a briefless intrusive alert to inform and aware you.

2. Easy Filtering & Internal GPS

Whistler Radar Detector CR93 filters the bands to make easy to search the required band detection at your driving location. You can select the bands to avoid the unwanted alerts as per driving area. X band, K band, and Ka-band are easy to detect so using this radar detector you can cover most of the area.

GPS equipped comes with a red-light and photo enforcement database updated easily using the USB data cable and your computer. Also, this GPS Lockout avoids false alerts to have a ride without any disturbances.

3. Intellicord

Radar Detector Whistler comes with an intellicord which makes easy to operate the Radar. This optional intellicord cable allows you to control some detector features remotely. You can control the Power on/off, City Modes, Dim/Dark mode, Mark waypoint, and Quiet/ Auto Quiet mode. So, using this cord, you can easily control the features without any effort.

4. Total Laser Detection & Multiple Modes

Whistler CR93 gives you 360-degree protection from radar and laser detectors. Unlike other radar detectors, using the Whistler radar, you can detect the radar from the front, rear and side views. Also, it easily avoids the unwanted laser radars provided by some vehicles.

To make your driving easy, you can select the different modes of location depending on your driving area. Whistler CR93 comes with the Highway mode, City mode, City 1 mode, and City 2 mode. Using this mode will help you in detecting the police radars and speed cameras without any efforts.

5. Bilingual Voice Alerts & Satellite Lock

Coming to the voice alerts, this Best Whistler Radar Detector provided with bilingual voice alerts. You can easily change the settings for these voice alerts as per your preference. So, using this voice alerts you can ride safely without moving your eyes from the road to see the display for police radars.

Getting a satellite lock to detect police radars and speed cameras easily using the satellite information. If you are using satellite lock for the first time, it will take time to lock up the satellite. This delay is normal because the unit turned on at least 500 miles use after its last satellite lockup.

6. RSID & LSID of Whistler CR 93

Radar Signal Identifier (RSID) detects the likelihood of Ka threat with the likelihood of false Ka threats from other sources. This RSID will educate you about the nominal frequencies of the police radars by displaying the frequency range.

Laser Signal Identifier identifies the laser gun’s pulse rate that is provided by the speed laser gun. It also identifies the laser Assisted Cruise Control (LACC) found in some high-end vehicles. If you get any Laser PPS information from local airports or LACC, LSID allows you to Lockout this detection by continuous alerts.

7. Updatable Databases & POP Mode Alerts

You can update the Whistler Radar Detector easily using the computer and USB port. When you update the database, you get the newly installed Speed camera and red light information. Besides this, after updating the Radar Detector you get all the alerts easily without any disturbances.

This Whistler CR93 Laser Radar Detector POP mode used on some radar guns which operates K band and Ka-band. Pop mode quickly responds when the gun uses the activated POP mode. This POP mode alerts displayed like the same regular radar alerts.

8. Audio/Visual Alerts & OLED Text Display

Whistler Radar Detector alerts you using the Audio, and Visual Alerts. The audio alert helps you while driving as you can’t remove your eyes from the road while driving. Also, the Visual alert useful to know the high alert band length. Whenever the K, Ka and X band are detected, the band ID and signal strength are displayed. Also, the audio alert is continuous when the bands are detected. The stronger the radar source, the faster the beep sounds.

Whistler Radar Detectors uses the OLED display to alert from Radars. It also provides visual confirmation of signal strength, detected signals, and indicates the selected modes of operation.

9. Windshield Mounting & Power/Volume Control

With this windshield mounting, you can easily attach the Whistler Radar Detector to your car. As the name itself mentions that it is used at the windshield of your car. Mount the Radar Detector near the windshield as low as possible. This windshield uses the two suction cups to hold the radar detector. Using the power/volume control button, you can power on/off the whistler radar detector. Also, you can move back or forward to adjust the audio level.

Whistler CR93 Radar Detector comes with a one year warranty. Whistler company also provided customer support with the toll-free number. So, if you have any doubts regarding the product customer service.



  • Manufacturer : Whistler
  • Model : CR93
  • Dimensions : 4.9 x 3.1 x 1.3 inches
  • Product Weight : 12 Pounds
  • Color : Black
  • Alert Type : Audio/ Visual
  • Warranty : 1 year manufacturer warranty

Whistler CR93 Radar Detector Review

Before buying a product, make sure to check the details for your knowledge about the product. Thi9s Whistler Radar Detector has the best features among other detectors. So, after going through this CR93 Whistler details, you can easily conclude yourself to buy the Whistler Radar Detector. Whistler CR93 for Sale at an affordable price from Amazon. An outstanding Whistler Radar Detector Reviews by customers who bought this detector. For easy installation and maintenance, use the Whistler CR93 manual.



To update Whistler CR93 Radar Detector, follow the steps below-

1. Connect your Whistler CR93 Radar Detector to your personal computer or laptop with the help of a USB cable.
2. You will be given a set of unit programming software and their respective updates.
3. Once you open it, choose the update of Whistler CR93 Radar Detector in specific and download it.
4. Finally install it and the update will be automatically made.


Whistler CR93 Radar Detector appears as an icon representing the CR 93 when you plug it into the computer.


Follow the steps below to use Whistler CR93 Radar Detector-

1. Mount the Whistler CR93 Radar Detector.
2. Update it accordingly.
3. Start using the Whistler CR93 Radar Detector.


Although Whistler CR93 and CR90 are quite similar, CR93 is powered up with other necessary features and add-ons like GPS database, Stay Alert update, field disturbance sensor rejection, VG-2 detection etc.


Choosing the Whistler Radar Detector is the best option to avoid Police Radars and Speeding tickets. Whistler Detector gives high performance. You can change the voice alert as it comes with Bilingual voice alert. Total laser detection detects 360-degree laser radars to alert you. Using the manual, you can easily install and maintain the Radar Detector. Whistler Radar Detector CR93 Review gives you a detailed description of the product. After going through the article, you conclude yourself to buy the Whistler Radar to avoid speeding tickets. You can buy this Radar Detector at Amazon at an affordable price.

Whistler CR93 High Performance Laser Radar Detector image

High-Performance Whistler CR93 Radar/Laser Detector. Internal GPS to avoid false alerts and also with Bilingual real voice alert. There are many special features which made this Whistler CR93 as one of the best radar detectors.


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